A trove of free stock images seeks to broaden how we picture climate change

Polar bears, burning forests, and billowing smokestacks are the most common stock images to accompany articles about climate change. But the scope of the crisis is much broader and more nuanced than cute Arctic creatures or doomsday hellscapes. Two efforts introduced at the recent TED Countdown conference on the environment seeks to improve the pool […]

Climate change lowers nutrition, increases toxicity at base of food web

Climate change impacts on freshwater systems can lower nutrition and increase toxicity at the base of the food web, according to research from Dartmouth College and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The research, published in Scientific Reports, focused on the effects of warming water temperatures and browning—a discoloration of water caused by increased dissolved organic […]

Demand-side emission reduction key to meeting decarbonization goals, report says

New study from Brattle Group and Oracle shows utility customer action can be twice as impactful as current clean energy supply policies in reducing greenhouse gas emissions In the race to meet aggressive decarbonization and net-zero carbon goals and regulations, a new study shows that utilities cannot afford to just focus on clean energy supply investments. The […]

OECD nations agree to end export credit support for unabated coal power stations

BREAKING: Ahead of COP26 US, EU, Japan, Canada, Australia, Turkey, and others join UK in ending export credit support for most polluting projects The global campaign to phase out unabated coal power received a major boost ahead of the start of the COP26 Climate Summit next week, after a coalition of many of the world’s […]

Inside the fossil fuel divestment movement at Cal State

In summary After nine months of student advocacy, Cal State University officials announced they would pull $162 million in investments from the fossil fuel industry, joining a growing movement. Ethan Quaranta seeks out nature when he needs to heal. He picked up that habit on annual family trips to Lake Almanor, where his great-grandmother grew […]