Critics Question the Climate Crisis Benefits of Deep Seabed Mining

By Marta Montojo and Ian Urbina Few people have ever heard of the tiny country of Nauru. Even fewer ever think about what happens at the bottom of the world’s oceans. But that may soon change. The seafloor is thought to hold trillions of dollars’ worth of metals, and this Pacific island nation is making bold […]

Digital data drives better soil management

When we think about limited resources in agriculture, water is normally the first that springs to mind. The bad news is that just like water, soil is a finite resource that is fast deteriorating as a result of human activity. The good news: research is providing farmers, landowners and policymakers with new tools to turn […]

Evacuations Are Admissions of Failure

Because the United States has no real plan to handle climate change, average citizens end up in situations like this: At 6 a.m. the day before Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana late last month, my wife and I joined half of New Orleans’s population in evacuating. The drive to our daughter’s home in Houston, usually a […]

Connecticut losing ground on building emissions despite efficiency programs

By Lisa Prevost, Energy News Network Climate activists say the state’s progress on reducing building emissions has been far too slow given the pace of the climate crisis, and that it needs to end incentives for energy-efficient natural gas heating. Greenhouse gas emissions from heating and cooling buildings continue to rise in Connecticut despite the […]

Justin Trudeau Disappointed Me. I’m Still Voting for Him.

Let’s start with what’s undeniable: Justin Trudeau has achieved a progressive’s wish list of policy accomplishments. Since becoming Canada’s prime minister in 2015, he has raised taxes on the rich, legalized marijuana, put a rising price on carbon, renegotiated NAFTA, centered women’s rights in the country’s foreign policy, reduced child poverty to its lowest level […]

New watchdog report rates U.S. climate goals “insufficient”

Most G20 countries are failing their emissions obligations, according to a new report by watchdog organization The Climate Action Tracker, which calls the U.S.’ climate goals “insufficient.” CBS News meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli joins CBSN’s Lana Zak to explain.

Revalidation of temperature changes on economic impacts: a meta-analysis

Abstract To identify appropriate strategies for temperature change adaptation, the economic impacts of temperature changes are critical to be understood. Despite a wide investigation about this issue, the obtained evidence is still mixed, including positive linear, negative linear, U-shaped, inverted U-shaped, or even irrelevant relationships. To address this question, we investigated the findings of collected […]

Miyawaki-Style Mini-Forests Are Popping Up In Cities To Aid Climate

Tiny, dense, Miyawaki-style forests are popping up in cities across the world as part of a movement to restore biodiversity and fight the climate crisis. Aside from carbon sequestration benefits, urban forests decreased crime rate, increased revenue for the city, rising property value, and lower energy costs. In addition, they provide shelter to local wildlife […]