The Earth has humans, so why don’t our climate models?

Abstract While climate models have rapidly advanced in sophistication over recent decades, they lack dynamic representation of human behavior and social systems despite strong feedbacks between social processes and climate. The impacts of climate change alter perceptions of risk and emissions behavior that, in turn, influence the rate and magnitude of climate change. Addressing this […]

Veggie burgers are still burgers, at least in Europe

Associated Press BRUSSELS — It’s a meaty issue but the EU has taken a stance: veggie burgers are in fact burgers. European lawmakers said Friday that plant-based products that do not contain meat, including veggie burgers, soy steaks and vegan sausages, can continue to be sold as such in restaurants and shops across the European […]

Two In Three Britons Want Fossil Fuel Tax Breaks To Shift to Green Energy

British taxpayers are aiding fossil fuels through subsidies. In the face of this knowledge, the people urge Boris Johnson to shift the government’s tax breaks for oil and gas firms towards supporting renewable energy instead. A newly released YouGov/Global Witness poll found that 65% (two in three) of the UK population want the transition to […]

Real Problems Do Not Exist for Trump

Last night’s presidential debate was originally supposed to be about foreign policy, but after Donald Trump pulled out of the second debate, the moderator changed the agenda, and national security formed only a small piece of it. The consensus among foreign-policy analysts on Twitter is that we learned nothing. But the debate was more revealing […]