China, India miss UN’s extended deadline for climate pledges

110 countries have submitted updated 2030 climate targets to be counted by UN Climate Change before Cop26, but some major emitters’ are still missing
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Revealed: UK supermarkets linked to beef suppliers driving illegal Amazon deforestation

EXCLUSIVE: Asda pledges to stop stocking certain canned products following investigation revealing links to illegal Amazon rainforest destruction The global meat industry is once again under fire over its links to rainforest destruction, with a major investigation today revealing that beef supplied by companies linked to illegal deforestation in Brazil may have ended up on […]

The Age Of Mega-Fires

Global warming is increasing the intensity and number of forest fires across the American West, according to one of the world’s leading fire ecologists. Scott Pelley reports.

Manhattan’s New Floating Mobile Campus Is 100% Self-Sufficient

Since our population increases but the land doesn’t, populated cities need to get creative on expanding to fit this growing number of people and their needs. As a solution, many coastal cities are resorting to floating architecture. For example, Penang is building a 4,500-acre floating sustainable city; the Copenhagen Harbor in Denmark will soon have […]

Husker researcher part of multi-university effort to improve ag decision making

LINCOLN, Neb. — The use of “digital twins,” virtual copies of physical objects and operations, is gaining steam across a wide range of industries. Updated constantly with real-time data, these virtual mirrors allow engineers to keep an eye on and predict traffic flow, retailers to optimize supply chains and railway operators to spot wear and […]

The Forests are Dying

Perched below the tree line twisted tones emerge, groves of crooked wood that buckle at the knee. Lodgepole seedlings scatter through sunlight, drifting over seas of spruce that shimmer in the breeze. We count your dead neath looming shadows that flitter overhead. A weathered carcass bearing scars of passing like a debt, every untamed flame […]

Coal divisions put Cop26 in jeopardy – Climate Weekly

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