Meet the new climate sceptics, same as the old climate sceptics

The gathering campaign against the ‘cost of net zero’ is defined by straw men arguments, culture war tactics, and a fantastical refusal to engage with climate realities – but it still poses a serious threat to the UK’s economic future The inevitable has finally happened. No, not the record-breaking wildfires, temperatures, and floods, although those […]

In defence of net zero

Concerns about the efficacy of net zero targets are justified, but could condemnation of the concept from Greta Thunberg and others inadvertently serve to undermine efforts to decarbonise? “The enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect one” Carl von Clausewitz, 1780-1831 The backlash is underway. And it’s coming from the unlikeliest […]

Q&A: How ‘Fit for 55’ reforms will help EU meet its climate goals

The European Commission has published proposals on how the European Union should reach its legally binding target to cut emissions to 55% below 1990 levels by 2030. Spanning thousands of pages, its “Fit for 55” package includes a wide range of reforms, covering the key EU climate policies, as well as various related laws on […]

Fit for 55 (and you know it)

The EU’s new ‘Fit for 55’ decarbonisation package is far from perfect, but it is still an historic step forward for global climate action There’s a lot of entirely understandable doomism around at the moment. Maybe it’s the deadly North American heat wave or the news the Amazon is now a net source of emissions. […]

A millennial’s view: ICBMs are ridiculous

Published July 08, 2021 The international community is increasingly prioritizing the voices of young experts in nuclear nonproliferation and related issues. This generation—my generation—is facing the simultaneous pressure to pursue higher education to be successful and, at least in the United States, the burden of taking on gargantuan amounts of student debt. As someone who […]

Q&A: Will EU Common Agricultural Policy reforms help tackle climate change?

The EU has come to the end of a three-year effort to reform its controversial farming subsidy programme, known as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Agriculture is responsible for at least a tenth of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions and has been described as the “main driver of environmental degradation in Europe”. This means that, […]

We Watched GB News’ First Week of Climate Coverage and… Ouch

It’s been a bumpy start for the new kid on the block. Such have been the teething problems of Britain’s youngest news channel that there’s already a dedicated Twitter account posting clips of the gaffes and technical hitches besetting its programmes. The channel has also been subject to an advertising boycott from some major brands, […]