Analysis: The climate papers most featured in the media in 2020

Last year was meant to be very different. The lead up to the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement was marked out by many as the year for climate action. Indeed, 2020 followed a year where climate change had been propelled onto newspaper front pages by Greta Thunberg, school strikes and Extinction Rebellion. But, as […]

Can banks become the solution to – rather than a driver of – global deforestation?

Criticism of banks’ financing of environmentally-destructive industries continues to grow, but a new report argues they could play a critical role in protecting forests and driving climate action Banks have faced increasing criticism in recent years over their ongoing financial support for environmentally-destructive industries, but by tweaking their practices they could become part a critical […]

Putting the 21st century back on track

By Javier Solana Most readers will remember the widespread enthusiasm with which we met the arrival of the twenty-first century. It was a time of high hopes, grandiloquent editorials, and unfeigned daring on the part of the West. Yet in the blink of an eye (historically speaking), the spirit of the times shifted radically – […]

Al Gore: Where I Find Hope

This article was originally featured on The New York Times This weekend marks two anniversaries that, for me, point a way forward through the accumulated wreckage of the past year. The first is personal. Twenty years ago, I ended my presidential campaign after the Supreme Court abruptly decided the 2000 election. As the incumbent vice […]

6 Graphs to Better Understand the Climate Crisis

With so many details to get your head around, understanding the climate crisis and how we solve it can be a tricky task. Fortunately, graphs can be a huge help in connecting the dots. So, today we’re diving into six of Climate Reality’s favorites! THE PROBLEM: RISING TEMPERATURES First things first, why is climate change […]