State of the climate: 2021 off to cooler start due to fading La Niña

After a record-tying warm year in 2020, the world is on track for a cooler year in 2021, driven by moderately strong La Niña conditions in the late part of 2020 and early 2021.  However, 2021 will almost certainly be one of the Top 10 warmest years since records began in the mid-1800s. Despite cooler […]

Explainer: Will global warming ‘stop’ as soon as net-zero emissions are reached?

Media reports frequently claim that the world is facing “committed warming” in the future as a result of past emissions, meaning higher temperatures are “locked in”, “in the pipeline” or “inevitable”, regardless of the choices society takes today. The best available evidence shows that, on the contrary, warming is likely to more or less stop […]