America’s New Climate Economy: A Comprehensive Guide to the Economic Benefits of Climate Policy in the United States

Working Paper This working paper draws on the latest economic research to demonstrate how climate policy and investments in low-carbon infrastructure can reboot America’s economy and set it up for long-term success. Decarbonization can benefit U.S. economic output, jobs, manufacturing, rural communities, and consumers. New Climate EconomyClimateWRI United StatesEconomicsCreative Commons File Download 3.6 MB / pdf Devashree Saha66 This […]

10 Charts Show the Economic Benefits of US Climate Action

10 Charts Show the Economic Benefits of US Climate Action Comments | Add Comment | Print Smoky Hills Wind Farm in Kansas, United States. Photo by Drenaline/Wikimedia Commons The United States made substantial progress towards a low-carbon economy over the past several years. Low-carbon technologies became more efficient and affordable compared to fossil fuels, while […]

Lama Aoudi

Lama Aoudi is an intern at WRI working on the Energy Access Explorer working to integrate Nigeria into the platform, as well as conducting a

Redirecting Agricultural Subsidies for a Sustainable Food Future

Redirecting Agricultural Subsidies for a Sustainable Food Future Comments | Add Comment | Print Very little of the world’s massive agricultural subsidies support sustainable farming practices. Photo by Walmart/Flickr To both feed the world and solve climate change, the world needs to produce 50% more food in 2050 compared to 2010 while reducing greenhouse gas […]

Climate Implementation Tracker (Beta)

The Climate Implementation Tracker (Beta) is an Excel tool that supports tracking and visualizing progress towards a variety of climate actions and. ​It is aimed at providing suggestions on accounting for countries’ mitigation and adaptation objectives and operationalizes the tracking and reporting guidance in the Climate Policy Implementation Framework, the GHG Protocol Mitigation Goal Standard and the GHG Protocol Policy and […]

Webinar: Building a Clean and Resilient Recovery from COVID-19

The next decade of climate action and delivery for sustainable development provides a key opportunity for countries to lay the groundwork for a brighter low-carbon future. Join the conversation: #HLPF2020 and #GlobalGoals The COVID-19 and climate crises are monumental challenges that must be addressed in tandem, through the prism of sustainable and resilient development. Governments […]