Cellular networks vulnerable to wildfires across U.S.

About one in four people in the United States lives in an area served by cellular phone towers at risk of an outage caused by wildfires, according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Their study, presented today to a meeting of internet network researchers, found more than 430,000 cell network transceivers covering approximately 85 […]

Trends in hurricane behavior show stronger, slower and farther-reaching storms

A new normal is taking shape as a warming planet is changing hurricane behaviors and patterns. Research over the last decade has shown alarming trends resulting in more destructive hurricanes. Global trends suggest hurricanes are getting stronger, moving more slowly over land, and deviating farther north and south of the equator. With these changes come […]

Understanding how birds respond to extreme weather can inform conservation efforts

When it comes to climate change, University of Wisconsin­–Madison forest and wildlife ecology Professor Ben Zuckerberg says birds are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. They are both responsive and sensitive to changes in the environment, including the extreme weather events associated with a warming planet. However, not all birds are the same, and […]