Drought restrictions had side benefit: Lowering risk of mosquito-borne disease

A new study by scientists from UCLA and three other universities found that reducing shallow pools of water where the insects lay their eggs is key to preventing the spread of the virus. The study, funded by a grant from the UC Office of the President and published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, found […]

Turtles ‘in horrible shape’ with grim future due to rising sea levels

About 60% of the world’s turtle species are considered threatened or endangered, making them one of the most vulnerable groups of animals on the planet. A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals new findings about turtles’ evolution so far and the tough prospects they face for survival. “Turtles are in […]

Could the ocean hold the key to reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

Most experts agree that halting climate change — and the global warming, extreme heat events and stronger storms that come with it — will require the removal of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. But with humans pumping out an estimated 37 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, current strategies for […]

Warming and acidification form dual threat to corals

A quarter of the carbon emissions that are warming the Earth dissolve into oceans, making them more acidic. Carbon emissions and warming are also causing ocean heat waves, which in turn is bleaching the world’s coral reefs. Now, a UCLA-led study reveals how increased acidity and warming ocean temperatures can interact to threaten reef-building corals. Acidification and […]

UCLA to study rising heat problem in Los Angeles

A team of 10 UCLA professors has earned a $956,000 award for a project that will combine their expertise in engineering, urban planning, public health and environmental law to address the rapid increase in the number of extreme heat days in Los Angeles. The prize is funded by a 2015 donation from the Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker […]

Q&A: On the environment, President-elect Biden is cause for optimism

Over the past four years, the Trump administration eviscerated federal climate rules, rolling back more than 100 regulations that protected the environment. According to UCLA’s Ann Carlson, President-elect Joe Biden’s administration has significant work ahead to rebuild the nation’s climate policies. But in a Q&A with UCLA Newsroom, she said there’s reason for optimism — even […]

Extreme rainfall projected to get more severe, frequent with warming

Across the continental United States, massive, often-devastating precipitation events — the kind that climate scientists have long called “hundred-year storms” — could become three times more likely and 20% more severe by 2079, UCLA-led research projects. That’s what would happen in a scenario in which greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase at a rapid rate — […]