The story behind Biden’s plan to create climate jobs that pay “good union wages”

Climate change was on the menu in Joe Biden’s town hall event on Thursday night. He parried an accusation that he wants to ban fracking and got specific about clean energy solutions he wants to see, including carbon capture, better electricity transmission infrastructure, and ending subsidies for fossil fuels. “The future rests in renewable energy,” […]

Five things individuals can do to fight climate change

Can individual actions solve a global problem? The pandemic has offered the world a test of that question. On one hand, the choice to wear a mask and stay socially distant can have huge repercussions in spreading or containing the virus. At the same time, it’s clear that some problems—PPE shortages, the pace of vaccine […]

Global climate inequality, in one chart

The global impacts of climate change are inherently unequal. Very often, the most severe damages from droughts, hurricanes, and other disasters occur in places that are least responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. That’s not to say that the US and EU don’t experience disasters, of course. And when they do, the dollar cost of damages […]

Biden’s climate politics strategy paid off in the debate

In Tuesday night’s debacle of a US presidential debate, a thoughtful deliberation of policy details was not on the table. But the issues of climate change and a clean energy transition—though not originally planned as debate topics—ended up being among the most substantive (relatively) parts of the conversation. Hey, it’s 2020 in America: Strange things happen […]

One major obstacle to China’s new climate goals: its thousands of new coal plants

China dropped a climate bombshell Tuesday, when president Xi Jinping announced at the United Nations the country will aim to cut its net carbon footprint to zero by 2060. China is single-handedly responsible for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, so if it meets this goal—plus an older one of having its emissions peak […]

RBG’s replacement could undermine the most important climate ruling

If US president Donald Trump succeeds in replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court this year, one of the early cases the new justice is likely to hear could be pivotal in the climate debate. And if the Court rules in favor of the Trump administration, the decision would blunt one of the government’s […]

The US is putting forests at risk by ignoring Native American wildfire experts

After more than a century of being sidelined, Native American wildfire experts are starting to get a voice in federal fire policy—but the slow pace of reform could end up creating new risks. When President Trump visited California this week, he blamed the state’s record-breaking wildfires on poor “forest management,” as he often has in recent […]

California’s wildfires are producing more CO2 than its power plants

The sprawling wildfires in California and Oregon are producing record amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, according to satellite data. In both states, wildfire emissions in 2020 have already surpassed those typically released by their power sectors over the course of an entire year. In California, cumulative CO2 emissions from wildfires for the year as of Sept. […]

The US isn’t doing the one thing needed to protect the financial system from climate change

Banks and other financial institutions in the US are at grave risk from climate change, according to a report released on Sept. 9 by the federal agency that regulates derivatives markets. The report—commissioned by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission—includes an exhaustive overview of risks, from falling real estate values in coastal flood zones to the […]

India’s megacities aren’t prepared for a wave of climate migrants

Ask a migrant worker living in any one of India’s metropolises why they moved out of their hometown, and the answer is fairly standard: economic hardship. Few would cite climate change. But dig beneath the surface, and the economic struggles of migrants reveal their roots. “My land doesn’t yield as much rice crop anymore. I […]