Now Is the Perfect Time to Rethink Green Transportation

By Kevin J. Krizek Sticking closer to home because of COVID-19 has shown many people what cities can be like with less traffic, noise, congestion and pollution. Roads and parking lots devoted to cars take up a lot of land. For example, in Phoenix, Los Angeles and New York City these spaces account for over […]

Northern Fish Are Tough, but No Match for Climate Change

By Alyssa Murdoch, Chrystal Mantyka-Pringle and Sapna Sharma Summer has finally arrived in the northern reaches of Canada and Alaska, liberating hundreds of thousands of northern stream fish from their wintering habitats. Through the long winter, many have endured cramped, icy quarters with perilously low oxygen levels. Others have recently journeyed incredible distances from large […]

Renewable Natural Gas Isn’t a Green Solution for Climate Change

By Emily Grubert Natural gas is a versatile fossil fuel that accounts for about a third of U.S. energy use. Although it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants than coal or oil, natural gas is a major contributor to climate change, an urgent global problem. Reducing emissions from the natural gas system is […]

Australia’s Drought-Ending Rains Restore Critically Endangered Woodlands

By Jacqui Stol, Annie Kelly and Suzanne Prober In box gum grassy woodlands, widely spaced eucalypts tower over carpets of wildflowers, lush native grasses and groves of flowering wattles. It’s no wonder some early landscape paintings depicting Australian farm life are inspired by this ecosystem. But box gum grassy woodlands are critically endangered. These woodlands […]