What Wally Funk’s pursuit of going to space can teach us about achieving goals

The backlash to the billionaire space race is burning as brightly as Jeff Bezos’ rocket, since the New Shepard blasted off into the heavens on June 20. Critics are arguing that the world’s richest man is indulging his ego rather than using his wealth and resources to solve pressing problems here on Earth, while Bezos […]

Eleven Madison and the art of job-crafting

To modern workers everywhere, News that the acclaimed New York restaurant Eleven Madison Park is shifting to a vegan menu has sparked a lively conversation about the environmental impact of eating meat. But chef and owner Daniel Humm is inspiring us for reasons beyond climate action. Humm told Bloomberg that when he thought about reopening […]

A manager and an employee compare notes on Basecamp’s controversial new memo

Software company Basecamp has released a controversial new memo banning political discussions on company platforms, among other changes to its culture, adding to the pushback against increasing pressure from both employees and consumers for businesses to be more outspoken on issues like racism, climate change, and income inequality. Basecamp’s leadership seems to be following in […]

Older people are the one group egalitarians discriminate against

Young people have always been critical of their elders. What’s noteworthy about the way millennials and Zoomers talk about Baby Boomers today isn’t their disdain but its particulars: They resent the older generation because they feel shortchanged, deprived of promising futures. Gen Z, for example, famously channeled their frustration with the generation they hold responsible […]