Melting Lakes

Golden rays of winter’s sunpierce through the roof-shingleof the channel-sky,forbidden warmth enfoldingfrozen robes that shudderat the touchof an assumed advance.Green tendrils creepthrough the cracks,seeping into existencethrough the suffocationof this reflected life.Shimmering surfaces glistenin the dappled light,rolling waves lappingat distant shoresthat once seemed closer. Ice Melting on Lake Balaton in Hungary, the largest lake in central […]

When the Mangroves Disappeared

Deep beneath the dunesfossilised roots whispergolden memoriesof emerald lagoons.When sapphire seaslapped tenderlyat knotted feet,bathing sunken stemswith the tidal surgeof their brackish embrace. Dredged up alongsideburied treasures,dark reflections stir.Open wounds that singof their betrayal –silted, shifting waterssuffocating withdry and barren soils. Until their wavesbroke in silenceupon the deadand burning sands. 6,000 years ago, mangroves were widespread […]

Damming Loss

Returning to forsaken landsyou cautiously rebuildyour island homes;every log, branch,and mud pilepressed on with theprecise hesitancyof re-colonised dreams. Across pond, marsh,and wet meadow youerect your recently-livingedifices –damp monumentsthat cling desperatelyto the receding waters. Deep pools form betweenthe creases ofyour artificial contours,lubricating the vicethat seeks to chokethe grateful occupantsof these forest oases. A beaver dam in […]

The Smell of Coral

Stony gardens of shifting lightsway vibrantly beneath the waves;rainforests of the sea,whose motely splendourpermeates still waterswith a pale and delicate aroma.Bouquets that blossomin the gauzy depths,then wilt in the heatof unwelcome advances.The chemical richnessof this subtle scentdrowned out by the stenchof our planetary halitosis. The central, southern and northern sections of the Great Barrier Reef […]

Bellwether Beetles

Tiny flecks of reddance acrossartificial rivers ofpowdered grain,their movementshalted only by theconfusing stepsof a familiar other.The speed and shapeof their routinesintertwine,dispersing intothe shallowsbefore contortingto crescendosof dual exhaustion.Behind Perspex windowswe sift through cycles;charting shifting patternsacross a habitatmore lab than home. The red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum (Image Credit: Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons). This poem is […]

Zombie Fires

Buried beneath the snow line,these smouldering corpsesbegin to glow.Forgotten fires,whose reanimated embersburn brightlyacross the tundra;frozen bodies recoilingat the heatof their undying embrace. Thawed to life bydistant warmingthese undead hordes nowstraddle horizons;crimson fingersflickering overblue-veined memories,as they danceimpossibly beyondthe water’s edge. Nervouslywe shift our gazetowards a restless earth,as unwanted resurrectionsblaze across the landscape. A Siberian wildfire within […]