Rare Earth Water

Cascading carelessly past weathered ore you slither into view against the levee’s edge. Sparkling waters that blister in the warming sun, their see-through hues a deceitful abstraction for what lies beneath. Refracted in the scattered light your provenance unwinds, as the filthy discharge of a thousand discarded cell phones drifts downstream. The rarity of extraction […]

Beyond the Beeline

Bumbling in the breeze, your banded body drifts casually into view. Flower waker, pollinator. Every lacy step a careful caress across the countless faces of your foraged design. Flying in manufactured circles we trace the trajectory of your industry, plotting each wayward beat against the fluctuating cadence of your body’s warmth. A sturdy, sterile curve […]

Artificial Weather

Buoyant skies linger overhead, bulging at the seams with surging intent; capricious threats that fall indiscriminately against the statistical fortitude of our modelled routines. Searching for clarity we train machines to find patterns amongst the cyclical nature of extreme behaviours. Cutting through complexities, algorithmic digits point nervously to the faultless correlation with our own excess. […]

Volcanic Seas

Falling seas break your skin, fabricated fractures feeding flareups with deferred certainties that linger in the tuff. Wearing welts like a crown, you proudly pronounce the weathered wounds of every fissured blow. Peeling back your past we scour through scars with measured respect, bearing them as witness against the rising tides. A sunken circle, marked […]

The Forests are Dying

Perched below the tree line twisted tones emerge, groves of crooked wood that buckle at the knee. Lodgepole seedlings scatter through sunlight, drifting over seas of spruce that shimmer in the breeze. We count your dead neath looming shadows that flitter overhead. A weathered carcass bearing scars of passing like a debt, every untamed flame […]

Burning Lichen

Yellows,blues,greens, andsilversdance across theforest floor;prismic patternscascading beneaththe canopy tosaturate in shades. Yellows,blues,reds, andorangesrace across theforest floor,consuming colourswith insatiable speed. Ash,ash,ash, andashsettles across theforest floor. Silvers and greenslost forever,in the heatof our embrace. Flame Firedot Lichen (Polycauliona ignea) from the Sunol Regional Wilderness in Northern California (Image Credit: Arvel Hernandez). This poem is inspired by recent […]