The Forests are Dying

Perched below the tree line twisted tones emerge, groves of crooked wood that buckle at the knee. Lodgepole seedlings scatter through sunlight, drifting over seas of spruce that shimmer in the breeze. We count your dead neath looming shadows that flitter overhead. A weathered carcass bearing scars of passing like a debt, every untamed flame […]

Burning Lichen

Yellows,blues,greens, andsilversdance across theforest floor;prismic patternscascading beneaththe canopy tosaturate in shades. Yellows,blues,reds, andorangesrace across theforest floor,consuming colourswith insatiable speed. Ash,ash,ash, andashsettles across theforest floor. Silvers and greenslost forever,in the heatof our embrace. Flame Firedot Lichen (Polycauliona ignea) from the Sunol Regional Wilderness in Northern California (Image Credit: Arvel Hernandez). This poem is inspired by recent […]

Ghost Forest

Surging seas and weeping wavesadvance along your coast,probing buried channels as theybreak through the shorefaceto drag briny fingerprintsacross weathered limbsthat recoil at the touch. Tainted tides swellwith pickled poisonas saline sap pours downyour brackish bark,below a crown of mottled greythat withers in the drink. Whisps of memorieslinger in brine,haunting faded shadesof lost and broken greens. […]

Poisoned Tusks

Jutting from the salted frothyour solitary canineflashes in the midnight sun,revealing wrinkled rivuletsthat labour under our insignia;ivory forget-me-notsof all that we have done. A snaggletooth spirallingperpetually to the past;piercing broken seaswith collective memories      of every tainted taste            of every missing meal                […]

Vegetation Beneath the Ice

Under cover of violencewe pulled you from your frozen past,geological collateral lying dormantin our hurried transits.Patiently you lay there,whispering at nightwith verdant notes that led usto your icy crypt.Unblinded by your brilliancewe unveiled jaded messagesthat sparkled dangerouslyacross translucent veins.Memories of foliageplaced purposefullyto concealwhat had been lost.We stumblefrom your frigid burrow,our foot on the gasdriving history […]