What the Rush to Confirm Amy Coney Barrett Is Really About

Nothing better explains the Republican rush to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court than the record crowds that thronged polling places for the first days of early voting this week in Georgia and Texas. The historic number of Americans who stood in long lines to cast their ballot in cities from Atlanta to […]

Why Republicans Still Don’t Care About Climate Change

Mary Nichols has been part of the struggle to prevent catastrophic climate change for about as long as anyone in American life. For years, she’s directed California’s pathbreaking efforts to reduce carbon emissions as the chair of the California Air Resources Board—a position she held first in the 1970s before taking it up again in […]

The End of the Filibuster—No, Really

Updated at 8:44 a.m. ET on July 20, 2020. Through the mid-20th century, southern segregationists relied on the Senate filibuster as their ultimate legislative weapon to block equal rights for Black Americans. Now the renewed struggle over those rights may doom the filibuster itself, perhaps as soon as next year. With Donald Trump struggling in […]

The Advantage of a Biden Shadow Cabinet

Joe Biden beat a rival in the Democratic primary whose slogan was “Not me, us.” Now a growing number of Democrats believe Biden should adopt Bernie Sanders’s rallying cry for himself—with a twist. For Sanders, “Not me, us” conveyed that he viewed himself as the voice and vessel of a mass movement. That’s not a […]