<em>The Weekly Planet</em>: The Question That Haunts Climate Advocates

Every Tuesday morning, our lead climate reporter brings you the big ideas, expert analysis, and vital guidance that will help you flourish on a changing planet. Sign up to get The Weekly Planet, our guide to living through climate change, in your inbox. Every so often, a moment comes along when progress suddenly feels inevitable. […]

<em>The Atlantic Daily</em>: Why the Climate Story Is So Exciting Right Now

Today, The Atlantic launched Planet, a new section devoted to climate change, along with The Weekly Planet, a new newsletter written by Robinson Meyer. He also writes today’s edition of the Daily, explaining why the climate story is so exciting right now. PHOTO-ILLUSTRATION BY NICO KRIJNO I’ve been covering climate change at The Atlantic for […]

A New Way of Thinking About Climate Change

Photo-illustration by Nico Krijno I’ve been covering climate change for The Atlantic for five years, or nearly a sixth of the time I’ve been alive. That’s long enough to watch the world change around me. I covered America’s adoption of the Paris Agreement and our plan to depart it; in 2017, I warned that Democrats […]

Trump’s Climate Self-Own

The painting style of Jackson Pollock is called “gestural abstraction,” but before last night’s debate, I never knew that it was also a governing philosophy. The debate featured many decisions from President Donald Trump that were puzzling, to put it mildly. The president constantly interrupted the moderator, Chris Wallace, and he all but jeered his […]

The Most Important Number for the West’s Hideous Fire Season

Updated at 7:07 p.m. ET on Sept. 15, 2020. To understand the ravenous wildfire season in the American West this year, boil some ravioli. Put the heat on high. After about 10 minutes, the pasta will go limp and start to break apart. Keep boiling. When the pot holds a shallow puddle of water and […]

America Is Being Pummeled by Disasters

In the United States, disaster tends to strike in the late summer and fall, when hurricanes come ashore, wildfires rage across the West, and droughts reach their maxima. Beyond our borders, these months are the time of Amazon wildfires, of sweltering heat waves, of great urban floods. For some years now, I’ve covered climate change, […]

Democrats Are Trying to Save Climate Policy From the Senate

Why has the United States done so little politically to combat climate change? Blame the Senate. For the past quarter century, the world’s greatest deliberative body has killed virtually any bill that would ensure the continued habitability of the world. Through its slow process, excessive use of the filibuster, and scheme of allotting votes without […]

A New Solution to Climate Science’s Biggest Mystery

The project began, in one telling, five years ago, in a castle that overlooks the Bavarian Alps, where three dozen of the world’s most successful and rivalrous earth scientists came together for a week of cloistered meetings. They gathered, in part, out of embarrassment. For the past four decades, their field—the study of Earth’s natural […]