FERC’s Office of Public Participation takes shape

The public is soon going to have a seat at the top federal energy regulatory table. Even though Congress asked for this a long time ago (in 1978), only recently in the COVID omnibus bill did this Office of Public Participation (OPP) at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) finally get a budget. There is […]

Why Finnish battery manufacturers should set up shop in Minnesota

Renewable energy growth is increasing in the US. With US Presidential elections out of the way, an increased focus on climate change mitigation should lead to business opportunities for supply chain technologies such as battery manufacturers. Finland and Finnish battery suppliers have a strong sustainability record and don’t have much competition in the Midwest US. […]

A crash course in solar energy interconnection basics for real estate property developers

The clock is ticking for real estate property developers if they want to invest in solar energy for residential and commercial properties. Due to Investment Tax Credit (ITC) reduction, property developers need a crash course in interconnecting solar energy at all levels of the electric grid because electrical interconnection complexity increases with solar project size […]