Climate: Biden, 30 by 30 and feeding the world

It’s not yet clear exactly how the word “conserve” will be applied to the 30% of lands and oceans that proponents are touting be done by 2030. However, President Biden has penned his support and put into motion the process of planning to meet this proposal. Biden signed a Jan. 27 executive order, creating the […]

At the table or on the menu: Donovan hears frustration from ag producers

Kerry Donovan-D, Edwards, Colo., who is the chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy, has been leaning into the state’s agriculture community prior to the start of the legislative session. Donovan met with a small group in Yuma, Colo., in the machine shed at former agriculture commissioner Don Brown’s farm last […]

Colorado Proud Symposium focuses on future-proofing

The Colorado Proud Symposium was kicked off by Agriculture Commissioner Kate Greenberg on Dec. 3. Gov. Jared Polis reiterated the importance of agriculture and recognized the challenges the year brought for production agriculture as well as other segments of the food supply chain. Aside from the pandemic, he said producers have been facing a statewide […]

Passing the Torch: Shawcroft retires from Colorado Farm Bureau

The 2020 Colorado Farm Bureau annual meeting will signal a changing of the guard as president Don Shawcroft retires. Shawcroft, a rancher from Conejos County, became involved in the organization alongside his father. At his first state meeting, he had been signed up for the Young Farmers and Ranchers Discussion Meet, unbeknownst to him. It […]