Sponsored: Green Rides: Get on Board with Drive Clean Bay Area

  The global movement to rescue our planet from climate change includes countless organizations of all sizes acting together in a spirit of goodwill. Electric vehicles have emerged as one of the most promising technologies to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, allowing every motorist the opportunity to be a part of this unprecedented international effort. […]

Sponsored: Green Rides: New Electric Vehicle Fees Will Help Fund Roadwork

  Starting this month, electric vehicle owners will begin paying an annual fee of $100 to help raise revenue for road infrastructure. The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 authorized the new fee, which will be added to an EV owner’s standard registration fee. Roadwork is mostly funded by gasoline excise taxes. EV owners […]

Sponsored: Green Rides: What is MPGe?

Before 2020 comes to an end, nearly every automaker in the U.S. will be marketing at least one fully electric vehicle. For folks who are concerned about climate change, these new EVs are a welcome sight. Up until now, EVs have been shunned because of their limited range, but improved technologies now allow them to […]