Research furthers understanding of ocean’s role in carbon cycling

Microbiology researchers at Oregon State University have shed new light on the mechanisms of carbon cycling in the ocean, using a novel approach to track which microbes are consuming different types of organic carbon produced by common phytoplankton species. The research is an important step toward forecasting how much carbon will leave the ocean for […]

Roadless forests see more blazes and greater severity, but fire resilience is the result

Roadless national forests in the American West burn more often and at a slightly higher severity than national forests without roads, but the end result for the roadless forests is greater fire resilience, Oregon State University researchers say. The findings, published today in Environmental Research Letters, provide a key piece of the puzzle for a region […]

Antarctica wasn’t quite as cold during the last ice age as previously thought

A study of two methods for reconstructing ancient temperatures has given climate researchers a better understanding of just how cold it was in Antarctica during the last ice age around 20,000 years ago. Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth today, was even colder during the last ice age. For decades, the leading science suggested ice […]