Telling sunbathers what they don’t want to hear: Tanning is bad

Most young women already know that tanning is dangerous and sunbathe anyway, so a campaign informing them of the risk should take into account their potential resistance to the message, according to a new study. Word choice and targeting a specific audience are part of messaging strategy, but there is also psychology at play, researchers […]

Changes in ocean chemistry show how sea level affects global carbon cycle

A new analysis of strontium isotopes in marine sediments has enabled scientists to reconstruct fluctuations in ocean chemistry related to changing climate conditions over the past 35 million years. The results, published March 26, 2021, in Science, provide new insights into the inner workings of the global carbon cycle and, in particular, the processes by which […]

Trees can help slow climate change, but at a cost

Widespread forest management and protections against deforestation can help mitigate climate change – but will come with a steep cost if deployed as broadly as policymakers have discussed, new research suggests. The study, published today in the journal Nature Communications, found that planting and protecting trees, especially in the tropics, could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as […]

Lakes below glaciers could enrich oceans near Antarctica and Greenland

Water beneath glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland is flowing into nearby oceans, carrying elements that might affect the way life grows and flourishes, new research has found. The study, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that subglacial lakes in Antarctica and streams emerging from under the Greenland Ice Sheet contain […]

Landslide along Alaskan fjord could trigger tsunami

A glacier that had held an Alaskan slope in place for centuries is melting, releasing the soil beneath in what can be described as a slow-motion landslide, researchers say. But there’s also the possibility of a real landslide that could cause a devastating tsunami. In a study published last week, scientists noted that the slope […]

New database shows Arctic animals’ changing behavior in face of climate change

Three decades of data on animal migration and movements in the Arctic, tracked through a massive database developed by environmental engineers, shows that animals in one of Earth’s coldest regions are shifting their behaviors because of climate change. The database, described in an article published today in the journal Science, includes records from ecologists around the world. […]