You can put a price tag on environmental and economic returns from protecting rangeland

by Karen Ross and Michael Delbar, Cal Matters Highlights New analysis from UC Berkeley found that 300,000 acres of protected rangeland can provide up to $1.4 billion a year in ecosystem benefits and that every dollar spent to protect working rangeland returned $3.43 on the investment in ecosystem benefits Managed grazing can help sequester carbon […]

New climate warnings in old permafrost

by Bob Berwyn, Inside Climate News  Highlights A new study in Science Advances says that only a few degrees of warming is needed for large scale permafrost thawing, which would release methane and carbon dioxide that has been trapped in the frost  The permafrost regions of the arctic hold more carbon dioxide than the Earth’s […]

These 4 toss-up Senate races might determine the fate of the planet

by Shannon Osaka, Grist Highlights There are 35 Senate seats being voted on this November, with Maine, North Carolina, Iowa, and Montana being deciding factors on whether a new administration could pass effective climate legislation Iowa – Joni Ernst (R) vs. Theresa Greenfield (D)  Joni Ernst previously received funding from Charles and the late David […]

Washington State voters support transition to electric cars by 2030

from Coltura Highlights New polling shows that 59% of voters in Washington state support policy what would require cars and light trucks from 2030 or later be electric in order to be registered in state These voters believe that this policy would have positive results in efforts to fight climate change and would benefit the […]

Rocky Mountain Institute study shows renewables are kicking natural gas to the curb

by Steve Hanley, Clean Technica Highlights New research from the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) shows that renewable energy is leading natural gas as the preferred choice of new electricity generation  The study looks at energy projects from two of America’s largest electricity markets — ERCOT and PJM RMI argues that there should be a shift […]

Vote like the future of humanity depends on it — because it does

by Bill McKibben, Rolling Stone Highlights The US withdrawal of the Paris Agreement will be finalized on November 4th, one day after the presidential election  Though the Paris Agreement is important to many environmentalists, it’s impacts may not be enough to make huge changes as many countries are making such slow progress on the goals […]

Can China go net-zero? Two charts show just how ambitious Xi Jinping’s goal is

by Emily Pontecorvo, Grist  Highlights Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced that his country aims to reach peak carbon emissions before 2030 and become carbon-neutral by 2060 A newly released blueprint for the country’s energy transition was created by the Tsinghua University’s Institute of Energy, Environment, and Economy To reach their carbon neutrality goals, there will […]

Can California fight climate change and provide good jobs?

by Jeong Park, The Sacramento Bee Highlights Oil and gas jobs provide people with middle-class incomes and are one of the few sectors to provide good paying jobs to people who do not have a bachelors degree and/or have a criminal record Since the fossil fuels industry is one of the biggest employers in the […]

The climate science behind this year’s wildfires and powerful storms

by Scott Pelley, 60 Minutes Highlights In the year 1988, NASA scientist James Hansen discovered that man made climate change would lead to a global rise in temperatures by the year 2020 Career fires, meaning fires that firefighters would likely only see once in their career and typically burn up to 50,000 acres, are happening […]