ExxonMobil Versus Chevron: Fight for Second-to-Last Place Among Fossil Fuel Companies Has Begun

Backbone Campaign/Flickr As the weather grows warmer, bears, birds, and corporate America begin to emerge from their respective hibernations. Bears will awaken hungry with thoughts of berries; birds will fly north, reversing their southern migration; corporate America will prepare their proxies and ballots. Soon it will be annual general meeting (AGM) season. Much like last […]

Three Ways Climate Disclosure Helps Everyone

Jim Bowen/flickr Late last month, the House Subcommittee on Investor Protection, Entrepreneurship, and Capital Markets held a hearing on Climate Change and Social Responsibility. A central theme of the hearing was the need for the federal government and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to mandate the comparable, reliable, and accurate disclosure of climate risks. […]