Miami offers a model for putting aside partisanship to confront climate change

Miami is one of the cities most threatened by climate change in the US. Rising seas, which already bubble up through gutters during high tides, threaten to displace as many as 800,000 Miami-Dade county residents by the end of the century absent urgent action. Because of that, its voters generally reward progressive political candidates who back measures […]

Snowflake’s IPO is a bet on companies using AI for everything

Snowflake, the buzzy cloud computing company, just delivered the biggest software IPO ever by betting on a future in which all businesses increasingly rely on big data and AI to make decisions. Its stock began trading on Sept. 16 at $245 per share—more than double the $120 price Snowflake set the day earlier—giving it an […]

Five critical questions about the TikTok-Oracle deal

Oracle has reportedly beaten Microsoft in the race to buy TikTok’s US operations before the Trump administration makes good on its threat to ban the ultra-popular video sharing app. On Sept. 13, the Wall Street Journal reported that the corporate software behemoth had reached a deal with the app’s parent company, ByteDance. But the dust […]