Global heating motivated American mastodons to trek north

Shift led to local extinctions and could have important implications for species today Genetic diversity could shrink as animals venture into new territories because of global heating leaving them vulnerable to extinction, scientists have warned after tracking the impact of climate change on the American mastodon. Huge, hairy and with a pair of fearsome tusks, […]

Covid is ‘restart button’ for climate action, Royal Institution Christmas lecturers say

Experts to explain how pandemic offers chance to pull planet back from the brink Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Covid-19 has provided a crucial opportunity to make drastic changes to tackle climate change, experts behind this year’s Royal Institution Christmas lectures have said. The talks, Planet Earth: A User’s Guide, will […]

Climate change most likely cause of woolly rhino extinction – study

Analysis of ancient DNA from Siberia finds human hunting probably not to blame The woolly rhino may have been wiped out by climate change rather than human hunting, researchers have revealed. Enormous, hairy and with a huge hump, the woolly rhino roamed northern Eurasia until about 14,000 years ago. The cause of its demise has […]