Progress and perils in Indonesia’s peatland restoration journey

The Indonesian archipelago is home to over a third of the world’s tropical peatlands. These black-watered, sodden swamp forests store an estimated 55 to 61 gigatons of carbon dioxide, making them critical ecosystems to conserve amid efforts to keep global climate change in check. But around half of those precious peatlands have already been degraded […]

Nature-based solutions fuel new Resilient Landscapes initiative

A new initiative seeks to bring public-private collaborators together, to overturn funding hurdles and develop new strategies to address challenges surrounding ecosystem management. Resilient Landscapes, officially launched at the digital forum Can tree planting save our planet? hosted by CIFOR and World Agroforestry (ICRAF), is an innovative platform designed to leverage the centers’ combined 69 years […]

Respect for Indigenous land rights key in fight against climate change

Although research demonstrates the benefits – for people and forests – of secure land and resource rights, these rights remain unrecognized for many of the world’s estimated 476 million Indigenous Peoples. Not only do secure land rights generally translate into greater socio-economic benefits, but they are also vital for effective management of the climate crisis, […]

Miombo woodlands: ‘Forgotten’ southern African dryland forests

This story was originally published on Landscape News. When Paula Whyte, a technical advisor for Tanzania-based non-governmental organization Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative (MCDI), visited a miombo woodland for the first time as part of a tree-planting venture, she wasn’t expecting to be quite so taken with what she found. The group left the port town […]

Are REDD+ donors learning quickly and deeply enough to make a difference?

To address urgent, complex and intertwined problems like climate change, deforestation and global inequality policymakers need to learn from various attempts to transform these “super wicked” challenges – and to put that learning into practice, fast. In the case of REDD+ (Reducing Emissions caused by Deforestation and forest Degradation) deep learning is needed because climate […]