Temporary 1.5° Overshoot Would Increase Heat and Drought, Harm GDP, Scientists Warn

Opting for a temporary “overshoot” of end-of-century global temperature targets and the subsequent “Hail Mary” deployment of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies, rather than never permitting global heating to exceed safe limits, would leave both the climate and the global economy very much worse off by 2100, warns new research. Known as the “end-of-century” pathway, […]

Mayors Press Ottawa for Emergency Transit Funding

Canadian mayors are calling on the federal government to provide emergency funding for transit, offering an opportunity to cut emissions by investing in alternatives to driving. “Cities across the country are preparing their budgets now…and that hole in the operating funding for transit is pretty significant,” Halifax Mayor Mike Savage told The Globe and Mail. […]

NDP MP Hits, Singh Misses on Call for Trans Mountain Shutdown

As the federally-owned Trans Mountain works to reopen its pipeline to British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, an NDP Member of Parliament is planning a private member’s bill calling for the controversial expansion of the pipeline to be cancelled immediately on climate and climate justice grounds. But he doesn’t have the endorsement of party leader and Burnaby […]

Treat Carbon Offsets as ‘Last Resort’, Carney Advises Investors

Carbon offsets are to be treated as a last resort for emission reductions, and natural gas plants are unlikely to be recognized as “green” assets, as some of the key policy details behind Mark Carney’s Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) gradually take shape. When GFANZ was first announced during the COP 26 summit […]

Mapping Project Pinpoints Best Lands for Protecting ‘Irrecoverable Carbon’

A new mapping project has identified the most important ecosystems that might be available to purveyors of carbon credits aimed at conserving land and averting emissions—and pinpointed 3.3% of the available land that holds half of the irrecoverable carbon. The study in the journal Nature Sustainability “offers a rigorously constructed map of the world’s most […]

Cheaper Insulation, Cooler Cities: Studies Look at How Efficiency Works for People

Three teams of scientists have worked out how to cut the cost of home insulation, how to cool tomorrow’s ever-hotter cities, and how to reduce household greenhouse gas emissions. And the potential solutions are, in every sense, green. Researchers in the UK report that they could limit heat lost through the walls of a building—on […]

Western Canada at Risk as Extreme Wildfires Increase World-Wide, NRCan Study Finds

This story includes details on the impacts of climate change that may be difficult for some readers. If you are feeling overwhelmed by this crisis situation here is a list of resources on how to cope with fears and feelings about the scope and pace of the climate crisis.New research by Natural Resources Canada suggests the risk […]

IMO Delivers ‘Miniscule Progress’ on Emissions, Watered Down Decision on Black Carbon

The UN International Maritime Organization (IMO) stands accused of settling for “miniscule progress” after a key committee “recognized the need to strengthen the ambition” of its greenhouse gas reduction plan but put off firm decisions on that plan until 2023—with some key countries objecting to faster action over the same international finance concerns that hobbled […]

Canadian Charities Join Global Initiative to Fight Climate Crisis

More than 25 Canadian philanthropic organizations with core missions ranging from arts and culture to poverty alleviation and Indigenous rights have signed the Canadian Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change, pledging to account for climate in all aspects of their operations. Jean-Marc Mangin, president and CEO of Philanthropic Foundations Canada, said in a release that the […]