Who Is in Charge When You Flip the Light Switch?

Pexels/Pixabay A power struggle for control and governance of the power grid is going on right now. States that had let go of some decisions are standing up to utilities in the name of climate and consumer protection. In the week following the attack on the US Capitol, states are working together in the Mid-Atlantic region, […]

It’s Time For Transparency in the Electric Grid

Gabriel Xu/Unsplash Replacing the fossil-fueled energy supply with renewable energy requires unusual focus and substantial investment in the electricity sector.  Our ability to meet these needs that are elevated by climate change, health impacts and recovery from the Covid-19 crisis depends on the trust and success of little-known utility governing bodies. We at the Union […]

Bribery and Corruption at Utilities Cost Them–and Us–Big

www.allenandallen.com/CC I spent my summer, and most of my career, working with electric utility rules around energy supplies. I push for adding clean energy and reducing climate-damaging emissions in work with regional grid operators, known as RTOs or ISOs. Politics and energy policies have never been more impactful on these seemingly technical, engineering-oriented grid organizations. […]