Global fuel standards are pushing the dirtiest oil out of the market

Not all oil is equal. We think of petroleum as equivalent whether it comes from the ground in Saudi Arabia or Texas. But that’s not quite right. There are hundreds of grades of fuels out there, each with different carbon footprints—and different impacts on the climate. The dirtiest oil, like the viscous stuff from Canada’s […]

For millions of Americans, wildfires make climate change real

On Sept. 9, I awoke to a different world. A Martian landscape had replaced the Pacific coastline outside my home in San Francisco. Choking smoke from hundreds of fires, several of the largest ever to hit the west coast, stretched from Seattle to Mexico. The world I witnessed in San Francisco that day is hard […]

The US government’s price on carbon doesn’t value the future much

The “social cost of carbon” is a concept virtually unknown outside of academia and federal agencies. But this shadow metric—which estimates the dollar cost of putting one more ton of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere—touches virtually everything the government does. It informs decisions about everything from vehicle fuel mileage standards to buildings to oil leases […]