BlackRock is forcing finance to take climate risk seriously

“Climate risk is investment risk,” concluded BlackRock CEO Larry Fink in his annual letter to chief executives this month. With climate change rewriting core assumptions in modern finance, he argued, trillions of dollars are at stake. “Sooner than most anticipate, there will be a significant reallocation of capital,” Fink wrote. “We believe that sustainable investing […]

BlackRock’s list of climate commitments just got longer

The world’s largest asset manager kicked off 2020 by laying out a list of climate pledges that put the rest of the financial sector on notice. “Climate risk is investment risk,” wrote BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink in his annual open letter to chief executives in January. Climate change is rewriting the most basic assumptions of […]

Are millennials really giving up on children over climate change?

Last March, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told an Instagram Live chat that “there’s scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult” as climate change intensifies. She asked her audience, “Is it OK to still have children?” The 29-year-old congressional representative for New York’s 14th district voiced a worry permeating the lives […]

New study shows why hurricanes stay so strong after making landfall

Hurricanes’ fury is fueled by warm water. As storms barrel toward the coast, ocean water pumps them full of moisture like a tank filling with gas. This water vapor gives storms the energy to drive far inland, bringing destructive winds and flooding with them. Usually, Atlantic hurricanes lose about 75% of their energy within a […]

Wall Street is the key to solving the climate crisis—not Silicon Valley

In 2003, Jigar Shah envisioned building a company using photons. Almost every modern energy source had worked the same way: burn fossil fuels, boil water, generate steam, turn a turbine. Photovoltaic panels were different. Sunlight was all that was needed to turn photons into electricity. “I thought it was cool,” says Shah, who founded SunEdison […]

The climate technologies venture capitalists are backing

The world needs to invest about $3.5 trillion per year to keep global average temperatures from rising to dangerous levels, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. So far, we’re not even close. Despite a record $370 billion investment in wind and solar last year, that’s just a fraction of what’s necessary to decarbonize […]

The world is ready to support Joe Biden on climate change

Almost as soon as a winner was declared, the world began lining up to work with the incoming US president on climate change. In the UK, prime minister Boris Johnson sent well wishes to US president-elect Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris, offering to work closely together on “our shared priorities from climate change […]

Global fuel standards are pushing the dirtiest oil out of the market

Not all oil is equal. We think of petroleum as equivalent whether it comes from the ground in Saudi Arabia or Texas. But that’s not quite right. There are hundreds of grades of fuels out there, each with different carbon footprints—and different impacts on the climate. The dirtiest oil, like the viscous stuff from Canada’s […]

For millions of Americans, wildfires make climate change real

On Sept. 9, I awoke to a different world. A Martian landscape had replaced the Pacific coastline outside my home in San Francisco. Choking smoke from hundreds of fires, several of the largest ever to hit the west coast, stretched from Seattle to Mexico. The world I witnessed in San Francisco that day is hard […]