By 2500 earth could be alien to humans

To fully grasp and plan for climate impacts under any scenario, researchers and policymakers must look well beyond the 2100 benchmark. Unless CO2 emissions drop significantly, global warming by 2500 will make the Amazon barren, the American Midwest tropical, and India too hot to live in, according to a team of international scientists. “We need […]

Arctic seabirds are less heat tolerant, more vulnerable to climate change

The Arctic is warming at approximately twice the global rate. A new study led by researchers from McGill University finds that cold-adapted Arctic species, like the thick-billed murre, are especially vulnerable to heat stress caused by climate change. “We discovered that murres have the lowest cooling efficiency ever reported in birds, which means they have […]

Mayan Poop Shows Climate Change Effects

McGill University has found that climate change has had an impact on the size and composition of the Maya population of Itzan, a lowland city in present-day Guatemala. These findings were published in Quaternary Sciences Reviews. They show that both droughts as well as very wet periods lead to significant population declines. These results were based on […]

Which animals will survive climate change?

Climate change is exacerbating problems like habitat loss and temperatures swings that have already pushed many animal species to the brink. But can scientists predict which animals will be able to adapt and survive? Using genome sequencing, researchers from McGill University show that some fish, like the threespine stickleback, can adapt very rapidly to extreme seasonal changes. […]