Democratizing California’s Most Powerful Regulator

Mel/Flickr I usually find myself criticizing the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for their energy policy missteps, but right now, the CPUC deserves a round of applause. Yesterday, the CPUC approved important changes to the public comment process that will help ensure people’s voices are heard and that public input actually influences CPUC decisions. Historically, […]

Are California’s Rotating Blackouts a Sign of a Broken Grid?

ActionVance/unsplash This past weekend, California experienced two consecutive days of power outages, and more are possible in the days to come. Prior to this past week, this type of power outage had not happened in the state since the California Electricity Crisis almost two decades ago. In the midst of a global pandemic and a […]

Why Did My Power Go Out? Four Ways the Grid Can Fail and Cause an Outage

Richard O’Reilly/FEMA In the midst of a global pandemic and a sweltering heatwave across the western United States, California experienced two consecutive days of rolling blackouts this past weekend. These power outages are truly historic, but not for the usual reasons. They are not historic because they affected a large number of people, nor because […]