Shell To Install 50K On-Street EV Charge Points In The UK By 2025

Shell has announced plans to install 50,000 on-street electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the UK by 2025 to deliver a third of the network required to hit national climate change targets. In February 2021, the company officially acquired ubitricity, a leading European supplier of local authorities’ on-street EV power points, with a network of […]

New African Oilfield Threatens Ecosystem and Thousands of Elephants

Canadian oil and gas company ReconAfrica, listed on stock exchanges in the US, Canada, and Germany, plans to build a massive new oilfield in one of Africa’s last great wildernesses. Experts warn that the proposed oilfield, spreading across Namibia and Botswana, would threaten thousands of African elephants and devastate local ecosystems, wildlife, and regional communities. […]

The First-Ever Finalists of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize Revealed

Prince William has recently announced the first-ever Finalists of The Earthshot Prize. Each finalist represents a ‘ground-breaking and innovative solution to the greatest environmental challenges facing our planet.’ The shortlist of fifteen finalists will each have an opportunity to win a significant amount of money to fund their innovative environmental solution to the ‘greatest challenges […]

Tuna Bounce Back, But Sharks And Rays Face Extinction

Tuna Bounce Back From Brink Of Extinction The IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) revealed that tuna is bouncing back from the brink of extinction. The recovery comes after a decade of devoted conservation efforts. However, some tuna stocks remain in critical decline. Furthermore, the IUCN stresses that pressure on marine life continues […]

World’s First Scalable Production of Algae From CO2 Emissions

Pond Technology Holdings and UK-based animal nutrition and feeds producer AB Agri and their responsible protein division Livalta have joined forces to develop the world’s first commercially viable production of algae-based animal feed ingredients from CO2 emissions. The new technology is designed to take CO2 emissions out of the air to create high-quality protein. José […]

Solar Canals Are A Magnificent Way To Save Water

Globally, climate change is intensifying the risk of drought in many regions. Solar panels can help prevent water loss through evaporation by shading canals. It’s a win-win for some solar panels because they work even better since the cooler environment prevents them from overheating. It also reduces habitat loss by placing panels in already-dedicated man-made […]

The Royal Navy Tests Robot Boat For Surveying Unexplored Waters

The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project has mapped 20.6% of the ocean floor in four years. The initiative aims to have a full map done by 2030. To complete the maps, they need outside input in the form of great crowdsourcing efforts. Ships that transit the globe operate their echo-sounding equipment, collect the data, and […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Vows $43M To Restore The Magnificent Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a historically breathtaking volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, near Ecuador. Among the sandy cliffs, forests, and clear waters, the wildlife of the Galapagos is remarkable and unique. The archipelago was discovered in 1535 by a Spanish bishop named Fray Thomas de Berlanga. He named the Galápagos after the impressive giant […]

Miyawaki-Style Mini-Forests Are Popping Up In Cities To Aid Climate

Tiny, dense, Miyawaki-style forests are popping up in cities across the world as part of a movement to restore biodiversity and fight the climate crisis. Aside from carbon sequestration benefits, urban forests decreased crime rate, increased revenue for the city, rising property value, and lower energy costs. In addition, they provide shelter to local wildlife […]

‘Cooling Paper’ Made From Paper Waste Keeps Buildings 10°F Cooler

What we coat our buildings and rooftops with can significantly influence their ability to reflect the sun’s heat, keep living spaces cooler, lessen our reliance on air conditioners, and overall energy efficiency. Earlier this year, scientists at Purdue University produced the whitest paint ever created, which they claim reflects 98.1% of sunlight and can produce […]