The Deepest Parts of The Ocean Are Getting Warmer

A team of oceanographers has discovered that the deep sea is heating up. Over the last decade, thermometers fixed at the Atlantic Ocean’s seafloor recorded an average temperature rise of around 32°F (0.02°C.) That warming may be caused by human-driven climate change, which has increased the world’s ocean temperatures near the surface by about 1-degree […]

Self-Sufficient City Design Can Manage Climate Change And Pandemics

Xiong’an New Area is a five-million-person city 80 miles southwest of Beijing that the Chinese government is planning as a sustainability model. It features massive green spaces, streets untarnished by many cars, and is powered by clean energy. Its primary purpose is to manage both climate change and pandemics. A new design of a mixed-use […]

X – The Moonshot Factory’s Plant-Inspecting Buggy For Sustainable Farming

X – The Moonshot Factory is an American top-secret research group that aims to solve big-picture ideas through technological breakthroughs that could one day make the world a better place. For its latest project, called Mineral, the team turned its attention towards sustainable farming. Its main goal is to master advanced hardware and software to […]

Ads on Facebook Calling Climate Crisis A Hoax Seen By Millions

An independent think tank, called InfluenceMap, found that in the first half of 2020, ads on Facebook calling climate crisis a hoax were viewed at least 8 million times in the US. Fifty-one climate disinformation ads were identified, including ones denying the reality or the need to take action of the climate crisis and that […]

Gene-Editing Cows To Cut Methane Emissions From Burps And Farts

Researchers have explored several different kinds of diet supplements to stop the cows from releasing so much methane, including puffy pink seaweed, tropical leaves, oregano, and fish oils. Last year, researchers from Pennsylvania State University developed a dietary supplement, 3-NOP, for cows that cut their methane emissions by a quarter, without disturbing their milk production. […]

World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Commercial Aircraft Takes Flight

On September 24, a six-seater aircraft retrofitted with a hydrogen-powered engine completed its first flight. The Piper M-class plane accomplished a 19-mile demonstration at Cranfield Airport in England. The aircraft, developed by ZeroAvia, emits only water vapor. The company aims to make hydrogen planes available commercially by 2023. Val Miftakhov, the founder and CEO of […]

The Faster Trees Grow, The Quicker They Die, Adding To Climate Crisis

Trees that grow quickly have a shorter lifespan, which is terrible news for fighting the climate crisis because they stop storing carbon. In a recent tree study, researchers found that certain tree species grow faster than others, and the faster trees grow, the quicker they die. Researchers already knew that fast-growing trees, such as the […]

ECOnsult Designs A Sustainable, ‘Natural-Cooling’ Village In Egypt

ECOnsult is an Egyptian-based architecture firm that specializes in affordable, green, and energy-efficient buildings. The firm was tasked with making a ‘natural-cooling through thoughtful design’ for Bahareya Village, an eco-friendly compound in Egypt’s western desert roughly 450 kilometers outside Cairo. The Village is home to the farming community engaged by an organic tea producer called […]

Polish Oil Company Commits To Climate Neutrality By 2050

On September 9, Poland’s largest oil refiner and petrol retailer – PKN Orlen – announced that it had become central Europe’s first oil company to commit to climate neutrality by 2050. The company plans to invest billions in energy efficiency, hydrogen, wind, and solar. To achieve its “emissions neutrality strategy,” by 2030, PKN Orlen will […]

Youmma Solar Fridge Helping Small African Businesses Live Off The Grid

In the scorching climate of sub-Saharan Africa, it’s nearly impossible to keep food or milk fresh without a refrigerator. Unfortunately, a fridge isn’t even an option in a region where roughly 600 million people live off the grid. In some Asian countries, such as Thailand, people who can’t afford a fridge use a cooler as […]