Wales To Become The World’s First Deforestation-Free Nation

Every year an area of forest about nine times the size of Wales is lost globally due to agricultural production. Welsh campaigners urge that food linked to rainforests’ clearing must be banned in Welsh school dinners to help tackle climate change. Charities urge the Welsh Government to curb the use of some goods to pave […]

This Wearable Air Conditioner Cools You Down In The Scorching Heat

In the summertime, we experience some intense heatwaves, and it’s only getting worsened by the climate crisis. We can take shelter in our home where there’s an air conditioner to cool us down, but that’s only adding to global warming, and in reality, we have to step out from time to time in the unbearable […]

Human-Caused Noise Pollution Is Harming Marine Creatures

Human activity isn’t only changing the planet’s surface and temperature, but also its sounds. The shifts are detectable even in the open ocean, having a profound impact on marine life. A major review of the impacts of anthropogenic ocean noise, published on February 4 in Science, found that noise from vessels, sonar, drilling platforms, seismic […]

These Floating Homes Are Ideal For Flood Risk Areas

Grimshaw and Concrete Valley are developing Modular Water Dwellings for areas at risk from rising sea levels. According to IPCC, sea levels could rise to 1.1 meters by 2100, primarily due to rising temperatures melting the ice caps and the expansion of seawater as it warms. The floating houses would alleviate the risk of living […]

Mimica Touch Tells You The Real Expiration Date of Your Food

Food waste is a significant contributor to climate change – it produces methane while it rots, which warms the planet faster than CO2. However, most food that’s thrown away is still good. In the UK alone, 60% of discarded food is still edible, even if the label states that it’s expired. Industrial designer Solveiga Pakštaitė […]

Massachusetts Masterplan Requires All Cars Sold Be Electric By 2035

On December 31, the Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker released an ambitious masterplan for the state that requires all cars manufactured and sold to be electric by 2035. The plan – called ‘Massachusetts 2050 Decarbonization Roadmap‘ – focuses on various factors contributing to carbon pollution. State administrators stress that cars are a significant contributor to […]

Wood Waste Adds Flexibility And Strength To Recycled Concrete

Concrete is made by combining a chemically inert mineral aggregate (gravel or crushed stone) with water and cement. Once the mixture has dried, the material hardens and bonds with the aggregate to form a solid cement block. However, the production process of the cement used in concrete is a significant contributor to CO2 emissions. To […]

One LastSwab Replaces 1000 Single-Use Cotton Swabs

Every day 1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced, causing it to become one of the largest marine pollution sources. In the UK, there are nine discarded swabs per 100 feet of beach. On top of that, the CO2 emissions from the production and transportation of the single-use item is a severe climate change hazard. All […]

Over 50% of Britain’s Electricity Generated By Wind For First The Time

On December 26, 2020, energy giant Drax proudly announced that wind power in Britain’s daily generated energy mix hit a record 50.67% amid Storm Bella, beating the previous record of 50% in August. Drax Group tweeted: For the first time ever, amid #StormBella, more than half of Great Britain’s electricity was generated by the wind. […]

Danish Scientist Turn Pigs Blood Into Flavorless Protein Powder

Denmark is among the world’s largest pork exporters. Up to 60K tons of blood is leftover from Danish pork production every year – most of it is sold on the international market for animal feed. University of Copenhagen (UCPH) scientists have figured out a way to turn that blood into a potent, neutral-tasting protein powder […]