Ancient 15,000-Year-Old Viruses Discovered In Tibetan Glaciers

Like a horror movie, all kinds of ancient creatures emerge from the melting permafrost as global temperatures rise. Not all of them are lifeless. For example, microscopic 24,000-year-old multicellular invertebrates called Bdelloid rotifers, a class of rotifers entirely made up of females were able to spring back to life and reproduce in the warmth of […]

RNA Demethylation Boosts Rice And Potato Yields By 50%

Climate change significantly threatens global food security. With this in mind, scientists from the University of Chicago, Guizhou University, and Peking University have figured out how to boost crops by manipulating RNA in plants. The process also makes the plants more resistant to drought conditions. In a recent study, the team inserted a single gene […]

Lego Unveils New Lego Bricks Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

On June 23, Danish toymaker Lego unveiled the prototype Lego brick crafted from recycled plastic sourced from discarded bottles. The prototype is the first brick made from a recycled material to meet the company’s quality and safety requirements. The Lego Group began increasing its sustainability efforts back in 2015. This included shifting away from single-use […]

Large Birds Are Dropping From The Arizona Skies As Temperatures Rise

Climate change consequences are happening now. Last month, the Biden EPA refreshed the agency’s Climate Change Indicators page with new data, which hadn’t been done for several years. The updated assessment reveals how the planetary emergency is affecting the US. It shows that cities nationwide are experiencing more frequent and intense heatwaves, lake and ocean […]

Rediscovered Wild Coffee Species Could Ensure Coffee’s Future

In thick tropical forests in Sierra Leone, West Africa, researchers have rediscovered a heat-tolerant coffee species that hasn’t been spotted in the wild in decades. The rare plant could secure the future of this valuable commodity that has been threatened by climate change. The researchers found that the species, Coffea stenophylla, tolerates higher temperatures than […]

24K-Year-Old Creature Found Frozen In Permafrost Can Still Reproduce

Multicellular invertebrates called Bdelloid rotifers are a class of rotifers entirely made up of females. These microscopic worm-like creatures are labeled an “evolutionary scandal” by biologists for having thrived for millions of years without having sex. Recently, researchers have discovered Bdelloid rotifers can persist for at least 24,000 years in Siberian permafrost and then reproduce. Rotifers […]

A Four-Day Working Week Would Drastically Cut UK Carbon Footprint

A recent report found that shifting to a four-day working week with no loss of salary would dramatically reduce the UK’s carbon footprint, helping the country meet its required climate targets. The move would shrink the country’s emissions by 127 million tonnes per year by 2025, reducing more than 21% – equivalent to taking the […]

Eco-Friendly, Living Algae-Filled Curtains Purify The Air And Remove CO2

Air pollution is a tremendous problem in many urban cities. With this in mind, two European architects have developed algae-filled plastic curtains designed to turn building facades into “living walls” that clean dirty air. The curtains contain a mazelike network of cylinders filled with microscopic green algae. Like all plants, algae remove carbon dioxide (CO2) […]

The California Desert Welcomes A Massive 350MW Solar Power Farm

California will build another massive solar power farm in its sunny desert. On May 3, the U.S. Department of the Interior announced that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had given the green light to a new major solar energy project called the Crimson Solar Project. Once the $550 million project is completed, it will […]

Ikea Plans To Invest $4.8 Billion In Renewable Energy By 2030

Swedish furniture giant Ikea plans to speed up its investment in renewable energy by spending an extra €4 billion ($4.8bn) by 2030 to build more solar and wind farms, along with installing electric vehicle charging points in its stores. Over the last decade, Ingka Group (the owner of most Ikea stores) spent €2.5billion ($3bn) installing […]