Climate goals on life support

Hi Quartz readers, COP26 had one job: To keep 1.5 degrees Celsius, the global warming target prescribed by the 2015 Paris Agreement, alive. After two weeks of frantic negotiations and a bewildering blizzard of carbon-cutting commitments, 1.5 still has a pulse. But it’s on life support. “1.5 is still alive if we don’t rest on […]

🏭 Time’s up for fossil fuels

Hi Quartz readers, It’s crunch time at COP26. With just two days left, negotiators remain at odds on a number of key issues, including the all-important delivery of climate adaptation cash from rich countries. Here’s what we’re watching: China steps up: In a late-breaking announcement, China and the US agreed to collaborate on “environmental standards […]

🙅‍♀️ Rich countries are dodging climate liability

Hi Quartz readers, There’s one week left for COP26 negotiators to agree on the next steps to save the planet and those of us who live on it. Headline-grabbing announcements are over; now it’s down to brass tacks. Here’s what we’re watching: First glimpse of the final outcome: COP26 organizers released a first draft (pdf) […]