Letter: The benefits to California of high-speed rail are real

Re: “Walters: High-Speed Rail could finally be derailed” (Opinion section, Mercurynews.com, June 14): Dan Walters suggests a recent legislative one-house resolution may sound the death knell for the high-speed rail project. The project — in his opinion — suffers from an “abject lack of a clear public benefit.” The facts, including successes in many other […]

Letter: As virus takes toll, bill offering monthly payouts is promising

Bill giving monthly payouts promising as virus takes toll Re: “It’s time to start thinking about a post-pandemic vision” (Opinion section, Mercurynews.com, May 15): “Nothing will be the same.” Like many others, I’ve grappled with this thought for the past few months. Seeing people lose family and friends, familiar businesses declare bankruptcy, and life milestones […]

Letter: End California’s wet markets to help end pandemics

Address zoonotic-disease causes to end pandemics Re: “We can defeat the virus by working ‘as one mind’ ” (Letter to the editor, Opinion section, May 8): COVID-19 probably could have been prevented. Scientists have long warned that 75% of novel infectious diseases in humans are zoonotic, i.e., of animal origin, e.g., HIV, avian and swine […]

Letter: COVID-19 shows what happens when we ignore early warnings

COVID-19 shows result of ignoring early warnings Experts provided early warnings of coronavirus that went ignored. Now COVID-19 has exploded into an international pandemic, resulting in a death toll that could have been reduced if we acted sooner. Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree climate change is manmade. Researchers have stated that if we don’t act […]

Letter: The best diplomacy, military in the world useless in ‘WWIII’

This pandemic has already risen to huge proportions and is continuing to take the lives of people all over the world. Now is the time to think in terms of the human race as a whole beyond the borders of region, religion, or any other discriminating or dividing factors. Until recently, world leaders referred to […]

Letter: We’ll survive COVID-19 but not climate change

Are we mid-crisis, or riding the first of many waves of COVID-19 contagion and death? In either case, we will get to the other side. With a vaccine, plasma treatment, contact tracing, herd immunity or a yet-to-be devised pill, we will eventually beat the pandemic. But with climate disaster from rising greenhouse gas emissions, there […]

Letter: Taiwan’s mandated 14-day quarantine is ‘freedom’?

Re: “Thiessen: COVID-19 an indictment of socialized medicine ” (Opinion section, April 16): Marc Thiessen’s article, rather than being a commentary on “freedom” as the antidote to the virus, actually points out that the true antidote is competence. Taiwan responded according to the “playbook” which was developed years ago after SARS and MERS, and was […]