ExxonMobil Shareholders Must Vote for New Leadership—Here’s Why

350.org ExxonMobil shareholders meeting action 2019 350.org This week, ExxonMobil holds its virtual annual shareholders’ meeting—in the spotlight, because the company is in a proxy fight! As I have every year since 2016, I’ll be attending ExxonMobil’s annual meeting as a representative of a climate-conscious shareholder. And the Union of Concerned Scientists is urging BlackRock, […]

Six Ways Chevron Imperils Climate, Human Rights, and Racial Justice

Steve Rhodes/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Although we’re barely one quarter into 2021, multiple forces are squeezing Chevron for the preventable harm it is inflicting on the global climate. The company is also being dragged for its greenwashing, its role in perpetuating racial injustice in the United States, and its violations of Indigenous peoples’ rights and other […]