Forest communities in Bhutan benefit from deeper insights into ecosystem services

Raising awareness among forest dwellers in Bhutan about the extent to which they rely on benefits commonly known as ecosystem services can encourage their participation in the sustainable management of forests, according to the findings of a new study. An assessment of community perceptions in five state forest regions designated both for commercial timber production […]

Scientists detail restorative mangrove and peatland management strategies

Ensuring the health and longevity of wetland ecosystems will not only benefit the environment and help forestall the negative effects of climate change, but will also boost overall economic wellbeing at local, national and international levels, said Robert Nasi, director general of the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and managing director of World Agroforestry […]

Women producers in Burkina Faso face hardship if shea industry dwindles

Implementing policies designed to conserve shea trees and support certification initiatives in Burkina Faso will ensure the sector remains a sustainable source of income for more than half a million people, 90 percent of whom are women, according to delegates attending a recent conference in the country’s capital Ouagadougou. At the event, which attracted more […]

Taking stock of jurisdictional approaches to sustainable forest management

Taking a jurisdictional approach to sustainable forest and landscape management in the tropics is increasingly seen as one of the most effective methods to conserve productive ecosystems and support livelihoods, according to researchers. Complementary to integrated landscape management efforts, jurisdictional approaches pull together levels of government from national to local, which serves to enhance and […]

Pact aims to curtail planet-warming emissions from carbon-rich peatlands

A recent meeting of international environment officials and government leaders from four key tropical countries formalized a joint commitment to prioritize sustainable management of peatlands. At the virtual event – hosted by Peru’s environment ministry, the U.N. Environment Programme, the Global Peatlands Initiative (GPI) and the International Tropical Peatlands Center (ITPC) – Indonesia, Democratic Republic […]

Craft policies that jointly address biodiversity and climate crises, report says

Think before you plant. Randomly planting trees in ecosystems that have never been forests and reforesting with monoculture species can contribute to climate change mitigation, but often harms biodiversity, food production, offers no clear benefits for climate adaptation, and may displace communities, according to a new report produced by two top intergovernmental agencies. Rather than […]

A line in the sand: Dryland restoration for a food secure future

Fortifying dryland ecosystems in Africa against degradation and desertification is crucial to avoid exacerbating the risks of widespread food insecurity on the continent, said participants at virtual conference, hosted by the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) on the eve of the launch of the U.N. Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030. Presentations at GLF Africa: Restoring Africa’s […]