Brits are unwittingly pouring their savings into oil and tobacco companies

Last year, hundreds of thousands of people—from students to retirees—joined immense demonstrations in the UK, calling for the country to cut its carbon emissions to battle the threat of climate change. Their sheer numbers showed a swelling commitment to the cause. Yet, if financial research is any indication, many of them are missing a critical […]

Job markets in the US and Europe are surprisingly similar

From Washington to Berlin, officials are scrambling to find the best ways to help workers. You can lump unemployment policies into two broad categories—the US-style efforts that provide payments to people who have lost their jobs, and policies popular in Europe that provide money to companies to keep workers on the payroll. By some measures, […]

European workers are fleeing the UK economy during the pandemic

The pandemic has made Britain’s economy even more British, as workers born in the EU walk away. Around a quarter million people from the EU have left the UK economy since the start of the year, according to Britain’s Office for National Statistics, as the number of EU nationals who were employed, unemployed, or economically inactive declined […]