The Science of Changing a Loved One’s Vote

Lately, Sunshine Hillygus has been hearing the same question from some of her politically active friends. They’ve been writing postcards to voters in swing states and knocking on potential voters’ doors, but they want to know if they’re channeling their energy toward the right things: What should they be doing, they ask her, if their […]

Don’t Expect Trump’s Diagnosis to Change the Minds of Pandemic Skeptics

Donald Trump announced early this morning that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. Details are still emerging about his condition—so far, he has reportedly exhibited only minor symptoms of COVID-19—but his diagnosis illustrates the dangers of disregarding the virus’s threat: The president has routinely downplayed it, which has inspired many of his supporters to […]

There Won’t Be a Clear End to the Pandemic

(Gueorgui Pinkhassov / Magnum) The pandemic has rendered many activities unsafe, but thankfully it can’t stop us from fantasizing about them. A common balm that people reach for is the sentence construction “When this is over, I’m going to ____.” It seems to help, if only in a fleeting way, for them to imagine all […]