The World Is On Fire. Do Something About It

Our climate is changing. Inequality is growing. And we have to act now. The recent IPCC report makes this case clearer now than ever: if we don’t come together as a global community to quickly achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, we are committing to a dangerous climate future with increases in extreme heat and droughts, […]

Make 2021 a Turning Point for the Planet

Make a difference for the planet this October and join the Climate Reality Leadership Corps by attending our free virtual global training. You’ll gain the tools, knowledge, and network to help stop global warming and build a more just world for all. Over the course of multiple days, a combination of live broadcasts, on-demand programming, […]

That Smoke You’re Breathing? That’s Climate Change

The metaphor might be too on the nose. Smoke billowing up from the hundreds of thousands of burning acres in Oregon and across the US West travels thousands of miles to choke New York City. Climate change blanketing, choking the country. It’s in the air we breathe. In the water we drink. It’s everywhere. Now. […]

Is Climate Change Creating More-Dangerous Heatwaves? (Quiz)

This summer, truly extraordinary heatwaves have been baking communities around the world – even in some typically more-temperate places, like the US Pacific Northwest. The record-shattering nature of these events has owned the headlines and caused a lot of media head-scratching. We’ve seen this question come up a lot: True or false? Heatwaves are connected […]

We’re Looking for Freelance Writers

There are stories that need to be heard. How oil wells and chemical plants are poisoning the air that Black and Latino families breathe while White families on the other side of town never even know there’s a problem. How gas pipelines and plastics plants are transforming small towns and tearing friends, neighbors, and families […]