Aggregate fossil fuel demand could peak as early as 2027 according to McKinsey

COVID-19 and electrification hasten peak demand for hydrocarbons Aggregate fossil fuel demand is set to peak in 2027 – with oil peaking in 2029 and gas in 2037 – partially due to the impacts of COVID-19, according to new research by global consultancy, McKinsey & Company.  The Global Energy Perspective 2021 report finds that while coal demand […]

Run for the money: The case for climate stress testing of banks

Asked why he robbed banks, the infamous bank robber Willy Sutton is reputed to have said “Because that’s where the money is.” Advocates of meaningful action on climate change should take note. It’s time to mandate climate stress testing for the nation’s largest banks.  Forward leaning states and cities have enacted a spectrum of clean […]

V2B? It’s happening in Denver

New ‘vehicle-to-building’ technology would provide peak management, lower costs for building owners. Today, The Alliance Center, a Denver-based organization, announced a partnership with Fermata Energy, a clean technology company based in Charlottesville, VA, to use the energy stored in an electric vehicle (a Nissan LEAF) and power its six-story, 40,000-square-foot office building originally constructed as a warehouse […]

Haiti is breaking down renewable energy barriers and developers should take note

In recent years energy stakeholders in Haiti have been daunted by one question: How will Haiti reverse the monumental energy deficit in the country and ensure reliable access to energy to the eleven million Haitians? In short, how will the country meet the UN Sustainable Development Goal No.7 – ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable […]

Improving energy storage will be crucial to a smooth energy transition

By Jason Goodhand, Global Business Lead – Storage, DNV GL – Energy Many future power systems will be governed by variable and intermittent generation from renewables. Operators will therefore need to maintain the reliability and efficiency we all expect, while integrating the low-carbon technologies we all want. Viable storage and other flexibility options will be […]

How Salesforce and Nucor are going beyond the megawatt

Back in late August, the Dow Jones Indices made major headlines with the news that long-time member ExxonMobil was being dropped to make room for software giant Salesforce. Many characterized it as a changing of the guard, with fossil fuels out and low-carbon-footprint companies in. It wasn’t the first time Salesforce found itself in a […]

Funding the energy transition at clean energy credit union

With interest rates as low as they have ever been, I believe there is little point in small investors investing in bonds or bond funds, even if an allocation to fixed income is needed to match their investments to their ability and desire to take on risk.  With little potential upside from interest, I believe […]

Amazon announces plans to purchase 3.4 GW of solar and wind capacity

A bundle of announcements this week from the retail giant make it the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world. Amazon and ACCIONA announced this week that ACCIONA will provide clean energy to Amazon in the United States with the electrical production corresponding to 641 MW of solar capacity via a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). […]