The UK’s budget throws energy behind offshore wind

The UK’s annual budget was announced last week by Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealing more government support for the UK’s wind industry. The budget announcement included the unveiling of a £20 million programme designed to support the development of floating offshore wind technology across the UK. ‘Support in principle’ was also outlined for specific developments including […]

2020 tipped the balance for British renewable energy

Annual figures show that renewable supply outpaced fossil fuels for the first time. New research by Drax Electric Insights shows that the UK broke all records last year for renewable energy consumption. 42% of all energy used across the country through 2020 came from wind, solar, tidal and hydro. Conversely, energy produced by fossil fuels […]

The curious case of the Cumbrian coal mine: UK decision stuns environmentalists

Last year’s cascade of positive noises coming out of Westminster led many of us to hope for a renewed ministerial focus on climate change through 2021. However, with just half of January gone, it’s clear that some high-level decisions have not prioritized renewables or the environment, leading to concerns of Government backtracking. Last week, the […]