Where Harris Succeeded and Pence Failed

Will this latest debate make a measurable difference in the outcome of the election? Probably not; vice-presidential debates rarely do. But something significant may have happened last night, and it involves what usually turns out to matter, if anything does, from televised debates. Namely, the parts of their personalities and identities each candidate purposefully or […]

A ‘Climate Corps’ of California Volunteers

Back in the early days of the pandemic, when some people imagined that changes in American life might be a matter of months rather than of years, I wrote about California Volunteers and its response to the crisis. This is a publicly sponsored organization, serving the nation’s most populous state, designed to do what organizations […]

The Media Learned Nothing From 2016

We’re seeing a huge error, and a potential tragedy, unfold in real time. That’s a sentence that could apply to countless aspects of economic, medical, governmental, and environmental life at the moment. What I have in mind, though, is the almost unbelievable failure of much of the press to respond to the realities of the […]

A Plan to Grow 90,000 Trees in Los Angeles

What is the most effective thing an individual can do about climate change? There are lots of possible answers: what you eat, how you vote, where and how you live, how you travel, and so on. Every one of them matters. For Americans, at this moment, the one that matters most may be how you […]