Scientific Integrity Task Force Will Tackle Politicization in Federal Science

The White House Yesterday, the Biden-Harris administration announced the formation of a task force whose goal is to review and strengthen scientific integrity across the federal government. The task force was mandated by a presidential memorandum signed by President Biden on January 27 of this year. The announcement sets a 120-day clock for the task […]

Biden Has Reversed Trump’s War on Science in His First 100 Days

Photo: Jiayu Liang/UCS This post originally appeared in Scientific American and was co-authored with Taryn MacKinney, Genna Reed, Gretchen Goldman, Anita Desikan, Casey Kalman, and Andrew Rosenberg. Hours after he won the 2020 presidential race, then-President-elect Joe Biden delivered his victory speech to a crowd of masked supporters in Wilmington, Del. “What is the will of […]