Renewable energy leapfrogging: the better way forward.

It’s a fact: Without an abundant supply of energy, many of the necessities we often take for granted — education, housing, and food security, to name a few — simply would not be possible. No surprise then that increasing access to electricity is one of the most effective ways of improving lives around the world. […]

Young People Are Turning Out For Tomorrow

Historically, young people have earned a bad rap for sitting out elections. But as Election Day 2020 nears, we know that things will be different. Young people across the country are making their voices heard via social media and on the ground, as they prepare to cast their ballots and turn the tide on low […]

Why is a Climate Organization Jumping into the Supreme Court Confirmation Fight?

History will remember the late, iconic Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg for many, many things – her fearless commitment to gender equality, her delightful wit, her towering intellect, and oh, that smile – but chances are, her environmental and climate record won’t be among them. Even so, the climate movement has a whole lot to grateful […]

Indigenous Climate Justice in Canada

This blog by Dean Evangeliou was originally published by Climate Reality Canada. We are republishing with permission in honor of Indigenous Peoples Day in the US and Thanksgiving Day in Canada. You can find the original post here.  “We sustain ourselves off the land, so if there are issues such as declining populations of caribou, […]

Global Wildfires by the Numbers

It’s not just you: We are seeing more and more intense wildfires from California to Indonesia. It’s no secret why, either. Rising temperatures due to burning fossil fuels dries out vegetation, fueling bigger, more resilient wildfires. It’s the climate crisis unfolding right in front of us. Right here and right now.   In the past […]

The Jobs of Tomorrow Require Climate Science be Taught in Every School

As we continue to move away from fossil fuels toward 100 percent renewable energy, we have seen some trends emerge, particularly regarding the jobs that will support the new clean economy. In 2020, kids and young people need to not only understand the dangers of the climate crisis so they can be prepared for them, […]

Wait, Why is a Climate Org Talking About Racial Justice?

In recent months, we’ve heard one particular question again and again on social media: “Why is a climate organization talking about racial justice?” Our mission is to “catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every sector of society.” And for much of Climate Reality’s existence, we’ve worked […]

How Our Oceans Can Help Tackle Climate Change

More than two-thirds of the world is covered in oceans, so it’s no surprise they are often at the forefront of discussions of the climate crisis. From melting Arctic ice and sea-level rise to bleaching coral reefs and more and more powerful tropical storms, the world’s oceans are experiencing some of the most intense and […]

Exploring Climate Action Around the World: The Climate Reality Project® India

Just like climate change itself, the fight for climate solutions looks different all around the world. In the US, cities and colleges committing to reach 100 percent renewable electricity has been instrumental in keeping emissions in check. Meanwhile in Brazil, the key fight is around preventing deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest and beyond. The picture […]

What Is Just Energy? A Conversation with Chandra Farley

While DC policymakers and media commentators argue over what ambitious plans like the Green New Deal and THRIVE agenda represent (hint: not a socialist takeover) and what goes in them, quietly, around the country, the same just transition to a fair and sustainable clean energy economy these frameworks aim for is already underway. We wanted […]