Where We’re Going and How We Get There Together (Free Download)

With the world growing warmer and each year breaking new heat records, urgent action to end the climate crisis cannot wait. It’s our responsibility to do everything we can to prevent the worst of it. And to avoid the worst of the climate crisis, we must reduce fossil fuel emissions. Rapidly. Acting now to swiftly […]

Why We Need a Bold US NDC

It’s hard to overstate the stakes leading up to this year’s COP 26 UN climate conference. When negotiators arrive – fingers crossed – in Glasgow this November to hammer out a stronger version of the Paris Agreement first reached back in 2015, what’s on the table is essentially the future of the Earth and the […]

The Climate Crisis is Hurting Latin America – Take Action Now To Stop It

Latin America is one of the most hard-hit regions by climate change and one of the most diverse places on the planet. By attending the upcoming Climate Reality Leadership Corps Virtual Latin America Training and becoming a Climate Reality Leader, you can help protect its precious ecosystems and Indigenous knowledge. Let’s generate action from the […]

Environmental Justice Leaders Are Finally Shaping White House Climate Policy

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have made environmental justice a core tenet of their climate action plans. Last week, they took an important step to bring the nation’s most important environmental justice voices to the forefront of US climate action. The White House announced the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council (WHEJAC), […]

10 Key Facts on Climate and Justice (VIDEO)

Have you ever asked yourself: “Do cold weather extremes disprove global warming?” “Are renewable energy resources really as cheap as fossil fuels?” “How are the climate and environmental justice movements related?” At Climate Reality, we know we have. Those questions and so many others. That’s why on April 1, we were so excited to host […]

Environmental Racism: What It is and How You Can Fight It

To build a winning coalition and beat the climate crisis, we need to understand and respond to how social inequities intersect with our movement. Only then will we be telling the real story of climate change – a crisis that doesn’t affect everyone equally, a challenge that in many instances impacts those already enduring other […]

How Does the Climate Crisis Impact Alabama and Mississippi?

From gorgeous beaches along the Gulf Coast to the winding Mississippi River, it’s clear that Alabama and Mississippi are beautiful states with endless natural habitats. Both states call the Gulf Coast of the United States home, with energy, fishing, agriculture, and tourism industries relying heavily on the coastline. But unfortunately, it’s not all gorgeous white […]

The American Jobs Plan Is the Plan We’ve Been Waiting For

This is the moment we’ve been working for. Today, President Biden announced the American Jobs Plan, a far-reaching plan to reimagine and rebuild the US economy with about $2 trillion in strategic investments over eight years. We’ll cut to the chase here: This is a really big deal. Yes, it could go farther on climate […]

How the Climate Crisis is Affecting Central America

Carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas is warming our planet and driving climate change. It’s throwing natural systems out of balance – to often devastating effect. So devastating, in fact, that without action to limit emissions and bring the climate crisis to an end, more than 140 million people […]

Why Are Young People Energized about Climate?

Over the past couple of years, young people have led an extraordinary groundswell of grassroots climate activism, making their voices heard everywhere from local rallies to congressional hearings to the most important international conferences of our day. They’ve attained a hard-earned seat at the table and, rightfully so, are there to stay. This explosion in […]