The Climate Crisis in 2021: 5 Key Facts to Know

The climate crisis is not waiting for us. It will continue to exacerbate existing threats to our well-being – from stronger hurricanes and rising seas to longer droughts putting our food and water at risk – and give rise to new ones. The impacts of the climate crisis are far-reaching, but solutions exist that can […]

Why Climate Reality Is Saying, “No Climate, No Deal”

What if we told you that just 50 people effectively have the power to decide if the world’s largest economy grabs its one last chance to make a real difference on climate change? That is, 50 US senators will essentially decide if the nation acts quickly and boldly enough to actually help hold global warming […]

Drought and the Western United States: What You Need to Know

The western United States has been in the news a great deal recently. A “heat dome” parked over parts of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and northern California in late June, bringing truly record-shattering temperatures to the region. This historic heat wave in the Pacific Northwest came just two weeks after numerous temperature records fell in Montana, […]

Walkable Cities Can Benefit the Environment, the Economy, and Your Health

Imagine this: working, eating, learning, shopping, and relaxing all without ever having to sit behind a wheel of a car. For those living in many American cities, a walkable neighborhood like this seems out of reach. However, for city dwellers residing in Europe or Asia, strolling from place to place is a way of life. […]

6 Interactive Tools to Better Understand the Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is capital B big and getting your head around all the causes, effects, and solutions can be a real challenge. Even for those who’ve spent years engaging with the issue. Fortunately there are many interactive tools available online to help us connect seemingly unrelated dots, visualize the abstract, and even foresee the […]

Time for a Road Trip! National Parks and the Climate Crisis

But more and more, climate change means many of these popular parks don’t look quite like they do in the brochures – or in parents’ memories from when they were kids. That’s because impacts from fires to drought to rising sea levels to floods are transforming many national parks across the US, giving us a […]

Climate Change and Heatwaves: Are They Connected?

The extraordinary heatwave baking the usually cool Pacific Northwestern US this week owned the headlines and caused a lot of media head-scratching, but the bottom line is this: We’re going to be seeing a lot more heatwaves – and they’re going to be getting hotter and longer – so long as the world keeps burning […]

The Climate Crisis is an LGBTQIA+ Issue

The climate crisis affects all of us, each and every day. But it affects some more than others, including many communities that already disproportionately experience the effects of inherently inequitable societal systems. For these people, the climate crisis is only making matters worse – because while disasters do not discriminate, relief and recovery practices do. […]

Reckoning with Climate and Environmental Injustice on Juneteenth

Tomorrow is Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day and Emancipation Day. On June 19, 1865, Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas – home of the most remote enslaved people in the United States – to spread the word that the Civil War had ended and enslaved Black people were free. This happened two-and-a-half […]

What the American Jobs Plan Means for West Virginia

As renewable energy technologies like solar and wind have become cost competitive with fossil fuels, demand for coal has waned in the power sector. In the US, West Virginia has been ground zero for this transition. Coal long has been king in this part of the country, but driven by advances in technology, automation of […]