What are climate change tipping points?

If you’ve been reading the climate headlines recently, odds are you’ve heard about “tipping points” — and for good reason. Crossing these points threatens to irreversibly disrupt the natural systems that have kept Earth’s climate relatively stable for thousands of years. To say the least, this could be a game-changer in the fight for our […]

What We Want from COP 26: Canada

Make no mistake: The upcoming COP 26 climate summit in Glasgow has the potential to be a make-or-break moment for the climate movement. All at a time when the science couldn’t be clearer that we are out of time for “next times.” The criteria vary somewhat depending on who you’re talking to and where they […]

Building a More Inclusive Movement: Browning the Green Space

A 2021 Massachusetts law, the next generation climate deal, proposes a road map toward a decarbonized future. This map already has plenty of uncharted territories. Many Black and brown communities are isolated, poorer communities are often left out of both the energy job market and its economic gains such as energy savings, and lower-income residents […]

Let’s Get Real on Climate Finance

At the upcoming UN COP 26 climate conference in Glasgow in November, one of the crucial topics for negotiation will be climate finance – and it’s time for rich nations’ money to start talking in a big way. The message coming from poorer nations hit hard by everything from stronger hurricanes to longer droughts is […]

Concrete Plans for the Immediate Reduction of GHGs

Reduction in greenhouse gases, and the general decarbonization of the global economy, is central to ending the climate crisis. Good thing there are several different strategies to reduce emissions, ranging from the simple like planting a tree to the complex accounting taking place under schemes like carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are a product that you […]

Modernizing the Grid: The Pathway to a Clean Future is Clear

So far, we’ve covered the wires and the poles and the regulating authorities on our grid journey. Both of these areas provide challenges and opportunities on the road to a clean, green power grid. Grid modernization, or smart grids, are often spoken of as necessary tools in that effort. Modernizing the grid is more than […]

Why We’re Fighting for a Strong Build Back Better Act

The budget reconciliation bill – aka the Build Back Better Act – that came out of House committees in September is the climate bill we’ve been fighting to get for decades. A bill that would jumpstart the kind of rapid energy transformation we need to actually stop global warming. It’s got to pass. We don’t […]

Madagascar is Ground Zero for Climate Injustice

“Unprecedented” is a word that’s been thrown around a lot lately. Unprecedented fires in the American West, Siberia, and the Amazon. Unprecedented flooding in the US and Europe. Last year’s Atlantic hurricane season featured an unprecedented number of named storms – several of which intensified so rapidly it was, you guessed it, unprecedented. (We’re still […]

We Need to Pass the Clean Electricity Performance Program

Think of our moment this way. You and your family are driving straight toward a cliff. Do you lightly tap the brakes? Or slam your foot as hard as possible? In some ways, this is exactly the choice now facing Congress as members debate a staggeringly ambitious set of climate measures in the upcoming budget […]