Denial Is the Heartbeat of America

“Let me be very clear: The scenes of chaos at the Capitol do not reflect a true America. Do not represent who we are,” President-elect Joe Biden said during Wednesday’s siege. “The behavior we witnessed in the U.S. Capitol is entirely un-American,” read a statement from a bipartisan and bicameral group of elected officials that […]

Stop Scapegoating Progressives

Updated at 11:01 a.m. ET on December 3, 2020. For weeks, President Donald Trump has spread misinformation by playing up the significance of voter fraud during the election without evidence, while playing down the significance of COVID-19, despite the evidence all around him. He has left his followers infected in more ways than one, harming […]

A Battle Between the Two Souls of America

A blue-suited Joe Biden knelt. As a parent who had tragically lost a child, he wanted to get close to a child who had tragically lost a parent. Biden put his arm on her black chair. Six-year-old Gianna Floyd turned her head to the right. She locked eyes with the presidential candidate. Gianna saw the […]

A Campaign of Voter Subtraction

The people who were attracted to Donald Trump in 2016 have become alienated from President Trump in 2020. White women, seniors, and suburbanites are abandoning him in droves. The other swing voters—who voted for Barack Obama in 2012 but did not vote in 2016—will likely be voting in high numbers, after many of them participated […]