A power line falls on my car. Is it safer to stay inside it? Roadshow

Q: Self-driving cars will bring new business for psychiatrists! John Dannenberg Like Mr. Roadshow’s Facebook page for more questions and answers about Bay Area roads, freeways and commuting. A: Why is that? Q: Your column is replete with narcissistic complainers who retch about road boulders, speeders, lane-changers, dive-bombers, and tailgaters. But these denizens of the […]

Will ‘overzealous environmentalists’ destroy or save California? Roadshow

Q: Mr. Roadshow, I caught your remarks about gas-powered engines not being made in California come 2035. I could almost hear you crying with glee. Overzealous environmentalists, such as yourself, can’t be satisfied. The more you win, the more you want. It never ends. New cars now run very clean. If you and Gov. Gavin […]

$10 for 11 miles in the I-680 toll lane — and that’s off-peak: Roadshow

Q: You indicated that express lane prices varied from $3 to $9. Wrong, I was driving down Interstate 680 at about 3:30 p.m. when the express lane sign at Alcosta Boulevard displayed the toll as $10 to Livorna Road, which is about 11 miles. Who sets these tolls, and why would it be so outrageously […]

If gas tax disappears, California may charge drivers by miles traveled: Roadshow

Q: I am concerned about how the roads will be affected when gas tax revenues disappear. Does Gov. Gavin Newsom’s executive order consider how to pay for our roads? Ed Oldynski, Martinez A: This is the third column on Gov. Newsom’s call for new vehicles sold in California to be zero-emission vehicles, starting in 2035. […]

Newsom (and Mr. Roadshow) got it right on electric cars, these readers say

Q: I hope there is a massive chorus of people asking for a state and a federal bill to ban the sale of fossil-fueled vehicles much earlier than 2035. I am very, very grateful for the leadership of Gov. Gavin Newsom. Donna Davies Like Mr. Roadshow’s Facebook page for more questions and answers about Bay […]

Can California’s power grid handle all these electric cars? Roadshow

Q:  Now that our dear governor has issued his edict for all electric cars by 2035, could your experts compute as to how many more gigawatts of power will have to be added to our super electric grid which can’t handle a hot summer day, a day when the wind blows, or the number of […]

How did vandals tag these freeway signs without being seen? Roadshow

Q: Can you explain how someone can tag an entire portion of an overhead freeway sign which starts in the middle lane without being seen? This is over northbound Highway 17 in San Jose. Do folks mistake them for Caltrans workers? … Did you see the Los Angeles sign at the 680/101 split in San […]