ExxonMobil Claims Shift on Climate But Continues to Fund Climate Science Deniers

ExxonMobil pledged $5 million to help pay for renovating the US Chamber of Commerce’s headquarters (above) in Washington, despite the fact that the Chamber opposes government action on climate change. Elliott Negin After decades of public denial, ExxonMobil now acknowledges that “the risk of climate change is real” and says it is “committed to being […]

Ask a Scientist: Nearly Everything You Want to Know about Climate Lawsuits

This summer Connecticut, Delaware and Minnesota joined some 20 states, cities and counties across the country that have filed climate change lawsuits against fossil fuel companies, charging that they have been aware of the threat their products pose to the climate for decades and deliberately misled the public about the reality and seriousness of global […]

Ask an Expert: Reviving the Gulf of Mexico’s Dead Zone

Every summer, a low-oxygen area called a dead zone develops off the coast of Texas and Louisiana when nutrient-polluted water from the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Over the last five years, the dead zone averaged 5,770 square miles in size, slightly larger than the state of Connecticut. Mainly caused […]