Japan sets ambitious new climate target to be carbon neutral by 2050

Japan’s new prime minister said on Monday the nation will seek to become carbon-neutral by 2050, a move that will require huge changes in its fossil fuel-heavy energy mix in order to succeed. Why it matters: Japan is the world’s fifth-largest largest source of carbon emissions. The new goal announced by Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga […]

Opinion: Key player in war on climate change? The Pentagon

In the final presidential debate Thursday night, Vice President Joe Biden called climate change an “existential threat to humanity” that we have a moral obligation to address. Whoever leads the country for the next four years in January has an opportunity to substantially reduce carbon emissions while creating millions of new green tech jobs that […]

Not dried up: US-Mexico water cooperation

By Vanda Felbab-Brown For weeks, a water dispute between the Mexican government and Mexican farmers and between the United States and Mexico was brewing and escalating. October 24 was the deadline by which Mexico was supposed to have provided the United States with all of the water from the Rio Grande it owes the United […]

COP26: Former world leaders urge UK for ambitious 2030 climate goal

The Elders write to Boris Johnson arguing enhanced UK climate action ‘would reverberate around the world’ and set tone for COP26 next year A clutch of influential former world leaders have urged the UK government to unleash an ambitious net zero plan ahead of next year’s COP26 climate summit, arguing that the impact of doing […]