The coronavirus is worsening economic inequality around the world

History will likely remember the pandemic as the “first time since records began that inequality rose in virtually every country on earth at the same time.” That’s the verdict from Oxfam’s inequality report covering the year 2020 — a terrible year that hit the poorest, hardest across the planet. Why it matters: The world’s poorest […]

Kakadu Climate Change Concerns

Climate Change The winding rivers and lush floodplains of Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory are a national treasure. Credit ABC Australia

Is the Pandemic having an impact on Climate Change?

Climate Change 2020 ends what was the warmest decade on record. But haven’t the lockdowns linked to the pandemic lowered pollution? Euronews’ Jeremy Wilks takes a look at the events of the past year and their positive and negative effects on climate change. Credit euronews (in English)

Culturally mediated perceptions of climate change risks in New Zealand

Abstract As New Zealand moves towards implementing measures under its new zero carbon climate change act, it is increasingly important to understand the differences in public perceptions of climate change risks, as these can significantly foster or hinder climate change decision-making. While there is some existing research on a range of stakeholder views, beliefs and […]