The 11,000 Votes That Haunt Michigan Democrats

In 2016, Donald Trump won Michigan by the narrowest margin of any state—10,704 votes.   “There are 11,000 more votes in Detroit,” Garlin Gilchrist told himself that night. “There are 11,000 Black men who could vote to change that.” A few months later, Gilchrist, then just 35, entered the race for Detroit city clerk—the city’s chief […]

The Marijuana Superweapon Biden Refuses to Use

Democratic political consultants dream of issues like marijuana legalization. Democrats are overwhelmingly in favor of it, polls show. So are independents. A majority of Republicans favor it now too. It motivates progressives, young people, and Black Americans to vote. Put it on the ballot, and it’s proved a sure way to boost turnout for supportive […]

What Americans Don’t Know About Joe Biden

He’s old. He worked with Barack Obama. He’s generally seen as a decent guy. If you know more than that about Joe Biden, you know more than many voters. Growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, or having to move because his father lost his job? Writing the Violence Against Women Act? The tragedies he’s lived through, […]

Andrew Yang’s Pessimism Is Perfect for This Moment

We’re going to get through this, the politicians say. We’ll be stronger than ever, better than ever. Except maybe we won’t. More than 50,000 Americans are already dead of the coronavirus. That sinking feeling you’ve probably had at some point during the past few weeks? Andrew Yang’s had that feeling for a while. He still […]