How Biden Plans to Beat Republican Obstructionism

Joe Biden’s team is planning a party. His inauguration on Wednesday, held under threat from the coronavirus and pro-Trump extremists, wasn’t much of a celebration. But the Biden administration hopes that January 20, 2022—a year from now—will mark what some aides are describing as a “renewing of the vows,” an anniversary that could be a […]

The Mastermind Behind Biden’s No-Drama Approach to Trump

When Julián Castro wasn’t given a speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention in August, he complained that Joe Biden’s campaign wasn’t showing proper respect to Latino voters. The real explanation for the snub is much simpler: The former housing secretary and presidential candidate had implied that Biden was senile in a primary debate and […]

The 11,000 Votes That Haunt Michigan Democrats

In 2016, Donald Trump won Michigan by the narrowest margin of any state—10,704 votes.   “There are 11,000 more votes in Detroit,” Garlin Gilchrist told himself that night. “There are 11,000 Black men who could vote to change that.” A few months later, Gilchrist, then just 35, entered the race for Detroit city clerk—the city’s chief […]