Greening Australia and WWF-Australia announce new Climate-ready Restoration partnership[1] in response to increasing natural disasters

The partnership will experimentally test, validate and scale practical climate-ready restoration approaches nationally, designed by eminent scientists across Australia. In an example of just one of the series of innovative projects within the partnership, Greening Australia and WWF-Australia will employ eco-evolutionary approaches to identify ‘super seed’ that has enhanced climatic and fire-tolerant traits to replant […]

‘They just kept on rising’: data reveals alarming increase in greenhouse gases

If we are to reduce net carbon emissions to zero by 2050, we haven’t made a good start – governments, industry and individuals need to do much more, a new study shows. More greenhouse gases were produced in 2018 than any previous year, despite more than 20 countries reducing their carbon emissions since 2000, research […]

Guiding coal companies to meet the dual challenge of net zero and a just transition

As the build-up continues to the pandemic-delayed UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), all eyes – and hopefully all agendas – are on how to reach net-zero carbon emissions. And as the International Energy Agency (IEA) made clear in its recent Net Zero by 2050 report, this aim will fall short without a radical decrease this […]

GE Technology to Power Australia’s First Dual-Fuel Gas and Hydrogen Power Plant

GE Gas Power’s years of combustion experience operating on blends of hydrogen and natural gas will help accelerate the energy transition in Australia Tallawarra B Power Station will be operating in time for the summer of 2023-24, following the closure of the 1,680-megawatt Liddell plant in the Hunter Valley region GE’s 9F.05 gas turbine will […]

Allianz affirms commitment to addressing climate change

In line with World Environment Day, Allianz is proud to demonstrate its commitment to environmental, social and corporate governance initiatives with the launch of the latest annual Sustainability Report of the global Allianz Group, as well as an extension of its climate change strategy. New environmental milestones & targets The recently released 20th Sustainability Report […]

China Is World’s Second Largest Financier of Deforestation-Linked Commodities

Chinese financial institutions are the world’s second-largest financier of commodities which are driving tropical rainforest deforestation, according to a new study by Forests & Finance –– a coalition of research groups and civil society organizations from the United States, Indonesia, Netherlands, Brazil, and Malaysia. The study analyzed data gathered from financial databases and company publications […]

World’s largest coral restoration project reads HOPE from the sky

Leading cat food brand DINE® has begun work on the world’s largest coral restoration program, which aims to restore more than 185,000 square meters of coral reefs around the world by 2029 The coral reef, which can be seen on Google Earth, has been regrown to spell the word HOPE to drive awareness and show […]


Single-use beverage containers are rapidly displacing refillable systems in many parts of the world and resulting in massive increases in wastage and pollution, according to a new landmark report by international non-profit organisation Reloop[1}, which was released in a media briefing together with Changing Markets and #breakfreefromplastic. According to the report, What We Waste, beverage […]