Biden Summit: Charities and churches call on Morrison to halve emissions by 2030

More than 10 environmental and humanitarian organisations including Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Oxfam Australia, the Pacific Climate Action Network, The Pacific Conference of Churches, and the Edmund Rice Centre have used a full-page newspaper ad and open letter to urge Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to commit to halving emissions, ahead of US President Joe Biden’s […]

New guiding principles to promote sustainability outcomes across the infrastructure sector

Infrastructure Australia has released new guiding principles to promote sustainability across the infrastructure sector and ensure major investments deliver the best outcomes for the community. Infrastructure Australia Chief Executive, Romilly Madew said: “Our role requires us to help ensure the benefits of sustainability are harnessed. With this in mind, we have developed new Sustainability Principles […]

Vets call for urgent climate action to protect flood-affected animals

As a reprieve in the heavy rains arrives, Veterinarians for Climate Action (VfCA) is concerned about the impact of the floods on domestic pets, livestock and wildlife. Dr Angela Frimberger, VfCA member and veterinary oncologist from the Port Macquarie area, says the impact on animals and their owners in her local community is devastating. “The […]

Summer Stats: Solar Outshone Gas

NEW DATA REVEALS renewables provided six times more power than gas this summer with gas generation falling almost 40 percent compared to last summer. “Renewables are out-competing gas power stations, even in the hottest months when electricity demand is usually highest,” said Climate Council senior researcher, Tim Baxter. This comes off the back of a […]

Wettest summer in five years – but is La Niña coming to an end?

The Bureau of Meteorology says Australia recorded its wettest and coolest summer in at least five years thanks to La Niña. But the wet and cool conditions are not finished yet, with forecasts of heavy rain to Queensland and NSW over the next week.  What can we expect from La Niña in future?  Dr Andrea Taschetto is an Associate Professor and ARC Future Fellow at UNSW Science’s Climate Change Research Centre, as well as a chief investigator at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes. “This […]

UNESCO reveals largest carbon stores found in Australian World Heritage Sites

Australia’s marine World Heritage Sites are among the world’s largest stores of carbon dioxide according to a new report from the United Nations, co-authored by an Edith Cowan University (ECU) marine science expert. The UNESCO report found Australia’s six marine World Heritage Sites hold 40 per cent of the estimated 5 billion tons of carbon […]

The March Budget 2021 and the Thunberg/Attenborough Effect: the myth of building back better rather than decarbonising

“The primary challenge facing humanity is climate change. UK government policy must acknowledge that the primary challenge is not about ‘building back’ focusing on developing a revised economy that will be ‘better’ in some general way, but on decarbonising lifestyles. This process of decarbonising lifestyles will destroy jobs and firms but will create new opportunities. […]

Coal plant closures imminent as renewable energy surges

Several of the 16 coal power plants in the National Electricity Market (NEM) will be financially unviable and at least one is likely to face closure several years sooner than planned due to coal plants’ poor flexibility and inability to adapt to a rapid influx of renewable energy, finds a new report from think tank, […]

Testing, testing: how responding to climate change will make our world quieter

This glimpse of the future was crafted by: Lucy Griffin and Ben McGarry Our hearing organs start to develop at two or three weeks of gestation, and as we continue to develop in the womb we can hear well enough to react to sound. Sight may well be listed second in influential academic Marshall McLuhan’s […]