Feral Hog Invasions Leave Coastal Marshes More Susceptible to Climate Change

Coastal marshes that have been invaded by feral hogs recover from disturbances up to three times slower than non-invaded marshes and are far less resilient to sea-level rise, extreme drought and other impacts of climate change, a new study led by scientists at Duke University and the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB) finds. “Under normal […]

Emissions Reductions Now Could Yield Dramatic U.S. Health Benefits by 2030

Acting now to reduce fossil fuel emissions will result in improved air quality and dramatic reductions in pollution-related deaths, illnesses and economic losses across the United States by 2030, a new study by scientists at Duke University, NASA and Columbia University shows. About 4.5 million premature deaths, 1.4 million hospitalizations and emergency room visits, 300 […]

Extinction Risks Remain High for Wild Pandas

Populations of giant pandas in the wild are more fragmented and isolated than they were 30 years ago and many continue to face a high risk of extinction despite recent gains in the species’ overall numbers, a new study by Chinese and American scientists finds. Climate change, habitat loss and reduced breeding viability — an […]

Clean Cookstoves are a Low-Cost Way to Fight Climate Change – if People Use Them

The morning sun rises; time to get the coffee brewing and start breakfast, maybe plan for the evening meal. For nearly three billion people – more than one third of the world’s population – these daily routines begin with an ancient ritual: collecting fuel for a fire. Cooking over solid fuels like wood and charcoal […]